Christmas Gift Guide 2020

So, 2020 certainly didn’t start off or continue how any of us expected really did it, but hopefully Christmas will still bring joy and happiness to everyone around the world, even if we have restrictions in place. This year is the first year Freddie will properly get Christmas and understand it with Santa, so we are doing him a Christmas Eve box etc and leaving a plate out for Santa & the reindeer.


Sassy Wax Melts

Wax melts have gone crazy, with people setting up their own businesses making and selling them. I love a good smelling wax melt so when I received these from Sassy wax melts I couldn’t wait to melt them and get my home smelling amazing. I will certainly be purchasing more from them again.

Where to Buy: Sassy Wax Melts £2.90 per bar

Guylian Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates at Christmas? Guylian offer a selection of products to suit that special someone this Christmas. Available in the range are: Guylian Praline Sea Shells 250g RSP £5/375g RSP £7.50, Temptations 323g RSP £3.50 & Guylian Milk Truffle Sea Horses 336g RSP £5

Where to Buy: Guylian

Vaso Glass Straws

I don’t like using plastic straws and have recently turned to a reusable alternatives so when these popped in my inbox I said yes to including them and to help the environment more. They are weird at first to drink out of but get used to it. They come in a beautifully presented box, look great don’t taint the taste of whatever it is that you are drinking. They are the ideal stocking filler gift for the eco-friendly person in your life.

Where to Buy: Vaso Glass Straws £15.49

For Kids

Ink & Drop

I love prints and quotes so this is perfect to include. They have selection for every room and all the family. These make a great gift and the quality is amazing too. I will be sure to buy more soon.

Where to Buy: Ink and Drop £25.00

Geomag set

Kids love to build and make things so this magnetic set is ideal for them and suitable from 3 years plus to help them with their motor skills and create lots of different things, their imagination will be endless.

Where to Buy: Geomagworld £50.00

Dougie’s Diary

There are 5 books in the first series of Dougie’s Diary which covers a wide range of different topics from how important it is to say thank you to everybody who helps us. To understand that everyone is special.

Where to Buy: Amazon £4.99 each

HARIBO Selection Box

The HARIBO Selection Box is a good little stocking filler with a difference! Containing tasty gummy and jellies, this sweet Christmas morning surprise includes eight mini bags of HARIBO favourites including Starmix, Tangfastics, Supermix and Giant Strawbs Gone Mini.

Where to Buy: Home bargains, Asda & The Range £2.50

Building this will provide hours of fun for both the kids and adults. Race the marbles round the tracks and build it in several weird and wonderful ways. Easy to build.

Where to Buy: Amazon £39.99

For Men

Zippo Heatbank 6s

What man doesn’t like a gadget? My husband does so this is perfect, 2 in 1 device for power bank to charge your electronics via USB and a hand warmer.

Where to Buy: Zippo £31.45

Bulldog Body Care Collection

Hubby is a big fan of this brand. They make great gift sets covering all aspects of male grooming to keep the man in your life looking fresh every day.

Where to Buy: Bulldog £22.00

Simoniz Car Cleaning Kit

If the man in your life is as obsessed with keeping their car clean as my husband then this handy car cleaning kit will be perfect for them.

Where to buy: Euro car parts £15.99

For Both

Spice Pots

A great gift for anyone who loves to cook is Spice Pots. They create individual spice blends that are essential ingredients for the store cupboard. They are all completely natural and allow time-stretched and health-conscious cooks to create a huge variety of recipes quickly, with very basic ingredients. Their gift sets would make a fantastic gift and the individual pots would be great stocking fillers too!

Where to Buy: Spice Pots £14.95

Godiva Chocolates

Who doesn’t love a chocolate selection at Christmas? Godiva has a huge selection to choice from that will suit all the family.

Where to buy: Godiva £85.00

I hope you all have a great Christmas!!

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