The Property Presale Checklist You Need To Follow

If you want to sell your house within a few weeks, now’s the right time to start on the presale checklist. Not sure what one is? Well, we’ve got a small example of one listed down below for you. Follow it along to make sure your home is in the best condition for the market, but make sure you don’t stop there either. If you want to sell quickly, you’ll need to double check even the darkest corners of your property. Trust us, a bit of DIY will go a long way! 

Patch and Paint the Walls

If there are any cracks in the walls around your home, invest in a bucket of plaster and get to swiping them over until the surface is smooth and balanced again. Be sure to pick up some sandpaper while you’re down at the hardware store as well! Then get your paint brush out and go over with a neutral color – these sell the best on the market, as loud or bright colors can turn people away due to their ‘loud’ hue. 

Check Your Wiring

Next up is the wiring in your walls. The electrical capability of your property needs to be top notch, to ensure your lights won’t flicker and no fires can break out due to faulty lines. It would be best to call in a professional electrician to get this done, as attempting to fix wiring yourself can lead to a nasty shock or two. 

But first make sure all your appliances are unplugged and turn the power off – you don’t want live volts going through the wires when someone is trying to assess them! 

Replace Any Hinges

The hinges in your doors, cupboards, and anywhere else that features an open/shut system will need looking at before you put your property up for sale. Wonky cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom can turn someone away during a home viewing; no one wants to have to deal with a small yet annoying problem like this themselves. 

And if your doors aren’t secure enough to hang in the frames, it could even be a safety hazard, especially when it comes to the entrances to the property. Get the hinges checked and changed, and be sure to use long screws within your project as well. 

Double Check the Roof

Finally, get up into the attic and see how the roof is holding up. If you can, be sure to also get a ladder out and check the external condition too. Do you see any holes from either side? Do you see any poor patching inside? Do you see any missing slate, tiles, or shingle outside? Take a note of any problem here and then call in an expert to fix it up. A bad roof can shave thousands off of a property price tag, and that’s the last thing you want! 

Always double check the state of your home before you sell it. Prospective buyers hate signs of neglect! 

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