Quiet Rebellion Sock Review

One night my fiance and I were sat watching Dragons Den on the television when two gentlemen came onto show the dragons their unique style of socks and what they had on offer to see if they could get the dragons to invest in their business.

I contacted Quiet Rebellion a few days later to see if they wanted me to review their products and promote their business through my blog.

They offered to send me some socks to review and they arrived a few day later via the post.


I couldn’t wait to open the envelope to see what funky designs they had sent us.  They kindly sent us 2 pairs, small for me, and large for my fiance.

Quiet Rebellion Socks

There was an amazing array of bright colours in both pairs to make them stand out when I got them out the packet.  I thought the patterns on them were great.  They felt super comfy and very soft.


The night we received them we unwrapped them and put them on, they were really soft and had plenty of stretch in them as sometimes the cuffs of socks can be rough and tight and dig into your skin.

My OH loved them and told me they are his new lucky socks and was going to wear them lots.  I would definitely buy socks from this company again or buy them for presents as the quality of Quiet rebellions products is fantastic.

* I was sent these products free of charge for the purchase of this review.  However, all thoughts, opinions and photos are my own.

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