Wales, Sun & Interviews #LittleLoves

Well we have just come back from a fantastic weekend in North Wales, Tom’s parents were there on their holidays so we decided to go down for the weekend and take the dog too.  We had gorgeous weather and didn’t want to come back.  How’s that for a view in the morning?!



Our dog Carly run around on the beach like a lunatic, It was the first time we have seen and taken her to the beach and it was great to see her enjoying herself.  We couldn’t get her out the sea, she loved jumping over the waves.



Shorts, Dress and trousers, the weather recently has been mixed but Wales was super hot and I lived in shorts all weekend.


Sadly haven’t read anything this week.  I was hoping to read whilst in Wales but there was no time for that.  I will hopefully find time soon to have a good read of my kindle.


That I had got an interview in Birmingham on Wednesday, fingers crossed something comes of it.  Well not only that now, I was on the train back home and I got a phone call to say that they wanted to offer me the job not even an hour had passed after the interview and I had been offered a new job and accepted, I was over the moon and couldn’t stop smiling.


Food shopping list after being away,  It is so hard to try to cook different varieties of food dishes every week.  It is my worse nightmare trying to cook.  Have you got any tips?  Would love to hear some of your meal ideas.

And Finally….

There’s nothing unfortunately to report, It has been a pretty boring quiet week…Except I only went and got myself a NEW JOB, Interview, offer and accept all in the space of about an hour in one day.


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