Mamma Mia, BBQ’s and New baby’s #LittleLoves

Well what a week it has been again, great weather until today and it started bucketing down with rain.  Not what I want for the weekend when one of my cousins is getting married Saturday, let just hope it stops for a little while atleast so all the guest don’t look like drowned rats going into the church.


MAMMA MIA,  I brought my mum tickets to go and see mamma mia at the hippodrome in Birmingham for her birthday present as a BIG surprise as she has always wanted to see it and always loved the film, so what a perfect opportunity.  We went on the evening of 13th August at 7.30pm and it was out of this world, it was absolutely fantastic, we laughed and sang our hearts out the whole way through the performance, the actors & performers were amazing too and really made it come to life.

IMG_6752 IMG_6753


Lots of summery clothes like dresses as it has been very warm in Birmingham this week, I hope it is here to stay for a while longer.


Quite a few emails for getting involved in blog posts/articles, now to find time to sit and write them all up.  I do love busy times like this when I’ve got lots of work to do.


The fantastic new that my cousin gave birth to the safe arrival of her 4th baby, a girl named Ella-Joy, she already has 3 boys and they have always wanted a girl, and now their family is complete.                                                                                                           Also that some selfish idiot wasn’t paying attention while driving and went in the back of my other cousin’s husband car while sat stationary waiting at a set of traffic lights, which with the force of that then pushed him in the back of someone elses car causing the devastating news that their car is a write off due to the cost and amount of damage sustained.


Wouldn’t say it’s a made as such but this week me and my fiance decided to do a BBQ after work as the weather has been gorgeous.  We cooked, burgers, hot dogs and chicken, It was so good and the smell of a cooking barbecue is one of my all time favourites.  We may have cooked the dog some meat aswell for her tea.


And Finally….

I start my new job on Monday at Cushman & Wakefield as an AP Clerk (Accounts Payable).  I’m so excited, cannot wait!

Hope all you lovely people have had a great week too


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