Where’s the groom, Bear Grylls and Bridesmaids #LittleLoves

This week as been a tiring week but a short week in the office as have been in London 2 days and worked from home mid week due to a hospital appointment.


“Where’s the Groom” by Sophie Meyer.  I downloaded this as a freebie on my kindle as the blurb looked good and it is good, i’m hooked can’t put it down.


The Island by Bear Grylls. This is about a group of women and men that were put on a Island and had to fend for themselves find food etc and surviving for as long as they can.  It is exciting but nervous at the same time, with plenty of swearing, arguing and craziness.


I haven’t worn them yet but I have brought some new Tops from Primark and New look.  Now just need an occasion to wear them lol.


I don’t know if it gets classed as made yet…but I am turning my understairs cupboard into a pantry, so my dad bless him has been cutting and making us some shelves and painting them.  My dad and nephew lipping the shelves ready to paint.  Will post pictures when its completed.


More sad new about even more famous people passing away.  This year really has started off rubbish for loosing so many people.  RIP all.

And Finally…

I GOT ASKED TO BE BRIDESMAID!! Yes my cousins asked me to be her bridesmaid, I am so excited, I have never been a bridesmaid before, so will give me plenty of practice before my big day!!

Hope you have all had a great week!!

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