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We all want our kids to do well in School, Right? There is a lot of pressure on kids to do well and get good grades by both parents and teachers.  This blog post will give you that extra support and helpful links.

I was recently invited to take a look at Education Quizzes’ huge range of revision quizzes which span all age ranges and subjects.  Education Quizzes primary objective is to help children to be successful at school. Study of the school curriculums is made easy and enjoyable with our suites of KS1, KS2, 11- Plus, KS3 and GCSE quizzes and all the quizzes are all written purely by teachers.

My mum was a teacher for geography and my dad was always great at maths so used to always help me with those subjects.  I never understood maths when I was in school and really struggled but now I work in an accounts payable team dealing with numbers and figures every day.  Who would of thought it?

I had a go at some of the GCSE maths questions, starting off with sequences and I remember struggling with these when I was younger and I have discovered I’m stil not great but did get 9 out of 10, so not too bad considering the amount of years that have passed me. Then I had a go at geography with the farms and farming quiz, didn’t do great with that one.  Think i’ll be practicing these myself.

One of the great things I found about Education Quizzes was how diverse their material is; if you have several children of all different age ranges, studying many different subjects, a subscription to Education Quizzes could be a real invaluable experience.

Education Quizzes have also recently released a Schools’ Subscription package. With this package, parents and teachers can all work together, and students can access the quizzes – both for use in lesson time and from home with their parents. The more students a school signs up with, the cheaper the subscription becomes – meaning parents and teachers alike could benefit from this resource from as little as £2 a month per child..

For anyone who is interested in nature there are links to daily blogs/articles at nature matters

Overall Education Quizzes could be a really useful resource for parents and teachers alike. You can sign up and subscribe as an individual for Education Quizzes here. I can definitely see how Education Quizzes could benefit a teacher in the classroom. It would be particularly useful for setting homework that is automatically marked (a great time-saver if used in moderation!) and for easy and consistent cover lessons.

The Subscription is a monthly fee of £9.95 and can be cancelled at any time.

Alternatively, if you are an educational establishment or you would like to share this info with your child’s school, information on Education Quizzes Schools’ all Packages can be found here.

  • This was a collaborative post with Education Quizzes. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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