4 Finishing Touches That Will Make All The Difference To Your Wedding

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Once you have got all the main things organised for your wedding, you may be tempted to sit back and relax before the big day. However, if you spend the rest of the time thinking of your big day’s little details than you could create a very special day indeed! As everyone says, ‘the devil is in the details’. So it is easy to understand why focusing on the finishing touches can help really enhance your wedding. Which ones should you focus on? Here are four ones people often forget.

The Wedding Rings

These two bands of gold play an important role during the ceremony. You and your fiance will have to place one on each other’s finger to seal your vows. They are almost as important as the dress! Finding the perfect rings can take time, especially if you only have a limited budget. Visit a few jewelers to see the styles that they each have. It can also be useful to flick through wedding brochures to see current trends. If you don’t have a lot of money for your rings, you might find a great deal for Tacori wedding rings online.

Table Decorations

Many people have a style theme for their wedding. This will help them decide on colour shades and flowers to use in their reception venue. It will also have an impact on the table decorations you choose. These will adorn the dining tables used for the wedding breakfast. Normally, couples like to have small bouquets of flowers and some confetti on each table. Want some thoughtful extra touches? Favours will always go down well with the guests as it provides them with a memento of your big day.


It is becoming quite popular to have a guestbook at weddings these days. This gives all your guests the chance to leave you a personal message and their best wishes. One cute way to display a guestbook is to open it on an easel in your reception venue. Then your guests can sign it whenever they like throughout the reception and evening party. You’ll be able to look back at your guestbook in years to come and remember all your happy memories from the big day!

Guard Of Honour

A guard of honour is a ceremonial tradition that usually only applied to people who worked in the armed forces. Historically, if your new husband worked in the Army, RAF or Navy, their fellow soldiers would stand outside the church and wait for you to come out. They would then make an arch of swords or guns above the entrance of the church for the newlyweds to walk under. But these days guards of honours don’t have to be military related. Many people incorporate their hobbies into the tradition. For example, if your fiance is a keen cricket player, he could ask his teammates to hold up cricket bats!

As you can see, charming finishing touches can make all the difference to your wedding day!

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