Meal Planning Monday 15/04/19

We have got quite a few birthday’s this month so busy times ahead. We all got struck down with colds over the weekend too so felt a bit sorry for ourselves, but we’re on the mend now.  I still need to go food shopping too so are living out the freezer.

Meal planning seems to be getting harder again with trying to find more new meals to try.  Freddie comes home every night and eats us out of house and home, so we are also trying to find new ideas for him too.

This week I am cooking:

Beef and broccoli with rice

Sausage & vegetable bake

Fish, Chips & Beans

Chicken chow mein

Treat Takeaway

Chilli Burgers & chips

Roast Dinner with all the trimmings

What are you planning on cooking this week?

Joining in with the meal planning linky at katykicker.com

5 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 15/04/19

  1. I hope you are feeling better now. Fish and chips is a staple in our house, I’m a big fan of chicken chow mein too, but have never made one myself.

  2. Ooh have a nice takeaway! We love a takeaway here!

    Recently I was in a bit of a funk so I rented some recipe books from the library and that has got me interested in meal planning again!

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