Meal Planning Monday 09/08/21

We had a brilliant week away it was so nice to get away and have a change of scenery and see the beach and spend time family and celebrate our nephews first birthday. We stayed in a caravan with the in laws. Went to the beach, arcades and ate out every day twice a day, went to a farm and lots more.

Sadly back to work for me now and no more holidays planned yet as I’ve only got 8 days holiday left to take for the rest of the year. We have had a new finance system installed that we have all had to learn so that is keeping us busy.

I will have to go shopping this week too to stock up on bits now were back so maybe freezer stuff for a few days.

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Lamb steaks with a herb crust, roast potatoes, vegetables & gravy (Freezer)

Warm chicken Caesar salad

Sausage & pasta bake (Freezer)

Chicken bites, chips & beans (Freezer)

Lasagne & garlic Bread

Chicken & bacon risotto

Roast diner with all the trimmings

Have a great week all!

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