You’re Invited! Why You’ve Got To Get Yourself To Canada’s Biggest Ever Party


We all know that Canada is a vast, unique and naturally beautiful country home to amazing wildlife, friendly people, and wicked extreme sports. However, we really think you should visit Canada this year. Why? Well, it’s not because Lonely Planet just named it the number one country in the world to visit, although they did, neither is it because you should stock up on organic maple syrup, although that’s good too, nope it’s because this year all of Canada’s celebrating!

Canada’s Big Birthday!

This year marks 150 years of Canada being a united confederation, instead of separate provinces and territories that were ruled by different governors. Current Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has promised that throughout the year the country will be marking the occasion in some wicked ways. What could be better than being in Canada, getting involved in all the celebrations and, of course, taking advantage of some excellent 150 Canada deals?

It’s A Year Round Party

Canada’s a great place to visit in both winter, or summer so please don’t feel like you need to wait until July, or August to enjoy all the excitement. In the winter months head to the spectacular snowy slopes of Whistler to check out their latest runs, new chair lifts, and 150 special ski competitions. When summer comes it’s time to put your hiking shoes on, hop on a mountain bike to explore the forest trails and even, yes in Canada, head down to the beach! However, due to the impending birthday celebrations, you may want to book your hotel, sort out your flights and any excursions beforehand. Check the rules on flying while filling in the

Official Canada Eta application and sort your hire car now if you plan on driving around as demand is going to be extremely high.

Already shops, restaurants and all kinds of local, and national businesses have been talking about rewarding visitors, offering special ‘birthday’ perks and freebies so if you’re looking save money on your Canada family vacation it’s the perfect time to go. Numerous large scale parties are being planned at some of Canada’s resorts, including Whistler, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise while various concerts, film festivals, historical reenactments, art competitions, sports shows and theatre productions are in the works.

What About Canada Day?

There’s stuff going on all year round but if you really want to experience the party atmosphere summer’s going to be your best bet. Most of the coolest events, such as family fun days, fairs, parades and food festivals are going to be happening around and ,of course, on July 1st or Canada Day. Ottawa, Canada’s multicultural capital, is going to be a key destination for celebrations and is already promising eager citizens, and excited visitors, a fantastic calendar of events like skating shows, firework displays, pop up stunts, mass free picnics and even a giant culture village. Plus all of Canada’s national parks, monuments, and heritage sites are offering free entry this year, so if you’ve been dying to visit Banff Island but been worried about the park fees now’s the time to book those tickets!


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