Wish Your Home Was Bigger? Create More Space With These Handy Ideas

I look around my home daily and wish there was more room. But unless you have lots of spare cash, it’s hard to sell up and move to a bigger home! Therefore, you have to make do with the space you have in your current property. However, there are some ways you can make more space in your property. Here are some handy ideas to create more space, if you wish your home was bigger!

Choose foldable furniture

Large pieces of furniture such as a table and chairs or a bed can take up a significant amount of room in your home. It means we have little space for everything else we need to put in the house! Therefore, to create some more space, you should consider choosing foldable furniture. For example, by selecting a table which folds away after use, you could save a tonne of room in your living room. It means you will have more space to use as you wish. And in the spare room, you could consider getting a sofa bed. That way, you can put other belongings in the room, and just pull out the bed when you have guests over to stay! You will be surprised how much bigger your home will feel if you invest in foldable furniture.

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Make a garden room

If you are running out of room in your home, you should consider making a room in the garden. You could build a large summer house which you could use as a chill out room. Or you might want a beautiful log cabin which would make an beautiful room to work from home! You can move items from your home into the garden room, so that you will have more space inside your property.

Consider an extension

When you have limited room in your home, one of the first things you should consider doing is adding an extension. Not only will it provide extra space, but it will mean you can get more money when you come to sell your home! As we discussed before, just make sure you submit an application to your local council so that you know you are allowed to build an extension! You could even consider adding a conservatory to your home. It’s an additional room which you can fill with your belongings. And they are a highly appealing feature to add to your property. Just make sure you speak with a Double Glazing Company so that it keeps toasty during the winter months!

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Remove unnecessary furniture

A lot of us go over the top when buying furniture for our home. We tend to buy too many pieces which end up cluttering a room. Therefore, if you want to create more space in your home, you should remove unnecessary furniture from your property. For example, do you really need all those chairs in your lounge? You will be shocked how much space you will create by getting rid of a few unnecessary pieces of furniture!

And remember to make the most of the vertical space in your property. Add shelving and floor-to-ceiling hanging units which will give you more room for your items!

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