Tips To Improve Your Dog’s Health

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We usually see January as a bit of a fresh start as the slate’s wiped clean from last year, and it gives us a chance to examine our lives. However, while you’re deciding whether you need to eat healthier, get more exercise or prioritize your home life over your workload don’t forget your pets. Improving your dog’s life should be just as important as focusing on your own goals, as a happy, healthy dog and a happy, healthy human can often benefit from the same things.

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Reassess The Daily Walk Schedule

Daily walks should be a key element of every dog’s life no matter how big or small they are. Regular walks stimulate them mentally and physically, keeps them fit and active and also lets your dog breathe plenty of fresh air after being in the house all day. Depending on the breed you’ll be walking your dog at least once a day if not more, so it’s important that both you and they stick to a workable schedule. Dogs are very intelligent creatures and a routine helps them feel secure, happier and safer as they’ll know what to expect such as when it’s time for them to be fed, walked, played with, bathed and even popped into their basket at bedtime.

Try A Memory Foam Pet Lounger

Older dogs can suffer terribly with arthritis and other bone problems, so it’s important your pet is lying properly when sleeping. Memory foam pet loungers are upholstered in a durable, stain resistant fabric and even contain nano-technology to reduce odors as well as being easily cleaned thanks to machine washable covers. A cooling memory foam core helps to keep your dog from overheating at the same time as being a comfy, cozy and soft place for your dog to relax. These orthopaedic dog beds encourage your pet to stretch out into a healthier sleeping position instead of curling up, squashing their legs and affecting their spines.

Check Your Dog’s Diet Is Complete

It’s critical that your pet is getting all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that they need and their diet has a huge role in the overall health of your dog. Look for dog food brands that put a dog’s health at the forefront of their values, feed treats only occasionally and make sure that your dog has dental sticks to chew on. Dogs should not be overweight as it can put a strain on their joints and heart as well as affect their ability to run, play and even breathe properly. If you’re at all concerned about your dog’s weight, then do book an appointment with your vet.

Plan Mentally Stimulating Activities

Dogs need to be regularly stimulated otherwise they get bored quickly which, in turn, leads to bad behavior such as a chewing furniture, whining or being aggressive. Plan a range of activities, have a good collection of dog toys and games and make sure your dog is treated like a proper family member. Dogs love nothing more than catching tennis balls, retrieving sticks and running around outside so make sure you have plenty of time where they can be off the leash safely.

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