Tips On Getting Pregnant And What To Do When Struggling

Getting pregnant is a wonderful event that happens in many people’s lives and can be a life-changing event, whether it’s the first child, third or fifth! However, for some, it’s easier than others and there can be some complications for some parents to be, that makes it harder to get pregnant.

With that in mind, if you’re looking to get pregnant or have started the process but find yourself struggling, then hopefully there will be some helpful tips within this post to help.

Understand ovulation periods

Understanding the fertility cycle is the best way of knowing when you’re most likely to be fertile and therefore most likely to fall pregnant due to unprotected sex.

Be sure to track your cycle and then to know exactly when that window of opportunity would be to have sex. This is essential to making sure you’re hitting the right time that the egg is released and is likely to result in a pregnancy.

Everyone’s ovulation can be different so don’t just rely on the information given by others. 

Have sex every other day

This is a tip that’s worth doing when in that fertile window of opportunity. Having sex every other day for most would be exhausting and it’s not something that anyone could really keep up with over a longer period of time.

However, if it’s possible to have more unprotected sex during the month, then it’ll all help with increasing the chances of getting pregnant. 

Speak to a doctor

For those who may be having trouble getting pregnant, there might be something underlying that is causing an issue. It could also be that there’s not enough known about getting pregnant, which is worth knowing.

It can be helpful to speak to a professional, even for the peace of mind that everything is ok. If it’s not, then at least there can be a new direction to move forward with.

Consider IVF treatments

An option to consider when getting pregnant through sex is proving to be difficult, it’s worth exploring the option of IVF. How much does IVF cost? Well, that can be dependent on where you are in the world and what the costs related to IVF are in that country or state.

Make sure to look into it as an option, as it can be something that can certainly help to improve the chances of getting pregnant. 

Look at other methods of fertility 

It’s important to be aware of the different fertility methods that are available when it comes to getting pregnaant. For some, there may not be a knowledge or an awareness of what other options there are available. These include:

  • Drugs to help with ovulation.
  • Surgery to treat abnormalities in the reproductive system.
  • Assisted conception.

In other scenarios where getting pregnant might not be possible, there’s IVF, surrogacy, and adoption as other routes available. 

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey to go on, especially as it results in new life. However, it’s not easy for everyone, so use this guidance to help assist your journey when trying to get pregnant.

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