Running A Healthy Household

Health is dominating the headlines and many of us are on a mission to try and protect ourselves from illnesses and infections. As winter looms, here are some tips to help you run a healthy household

Improving your diet

Do you tend to resort to fast food or takeaways on a regular basis, or do you go for hours without eating because you’re running around after kids or rushing to meetings? If your diet isn’t your number one priority, your health could suffer. Your body relies on the foods you eat for fuel and essential nutrients. If you’re keen to improve your diet and save time and money, it’s a great idea to plan a weekly menu. Search for simple, quick, healthy recipes online, batch cook if you have time at the weekends and prepare lunches the evening before. Try to focus on nutrition when choosing ingredients and dishes and stick to main meals rather than grazing and snacking. Simple steps you can take to make an instant difference include swapping white for wholemeal bread, rice and pasta, increasing your intake of fruit and vegetables and moderating your intake of sugary foods. 

Cleaning and hygiene

Most of us have spent the last 18 months talking about washing our hands and keeping our homes as clean as possible. Using natural hand sanitiser is not just beneficial during a pandemic. Washing your hands regularly will help to protect you against a host of other illnesses, particularly in the winter. Stock up on soap, hand wash and hand sanitiser at home and carry small bottles with you when you’re out. It’s also important to vacuum frequently and keep your home warm and dry. 


Exercise is one of the best natural remedies for healthier bodies and minds. When you move your body, you’ll strengthen your muscles and improve circulation, but you’ll also enjoy a euphoric feeling brought about by the release of endorphins and an increase in the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. Try to exercise daily. You don’t have to go to the gym to get fit. You can work out at home, go for a walk, jog or bike ride, play sports or join classes. From yoga, Pilates, swimming, golf and tennis to trampolining, dancing, spinning and HIIT, there are all kinds of activities you can try. 

Enhancing air quality

Enhancing air quality at home can help to lower the risks of mould developing and reduce the severity of symptoms linked to allergies. To purify the air and eliminate dust and debris in your living spaces, you can use a dehumidifier or an air purifier and add houseplants. It’s also beneficial to vacuum frequently, especially if you have pets or you or your kids or partner have allergies to dust. It is particularly important to address damp and patches of mould if you or members of your household are prone to respiratory illnesses. 

Whether you live alone, you have children or you share your house with friends or your partner, it’s important to prioritise health and wellbeing. Take these tips on board to run a healthy household this autumn/winter. 

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