My Advice For An Unforgettable European Vacation

Are you heading to Europe next summer? If you are there are plenty of incredible places to visit with an entire content, just waiting to be explored. It’s the perfect region for a romantic getaway a family trip or a wonderful week of rest and relaxation. Here’s my advice for getting the most from your European vacation.

Hit The Tourist Spots Hard

London, Rome, Venice, Paris and Athens. These are some of the main tourist spots in Europe, and they are the places that you want to focus on. They are packed full of exciting activities and adventures for the whole family. As well as unforgettable sights that you’ve heard of but haven’t yet seen. I recommend planning a few days in each of the capital cities across Europe. If you do this, you’ll get a taste of the different cultures each country has to offer.

Know Your Needs

Are you interested in a fun filled vacation or a tour through history? Choices like this will determine where you should be travelling to in Europe. For instance, if you want a fun vacation for the kids, you need to visit Paris. Outside the city, you’ll find Disneyland and a few other theme parks that the kids will love. Or you can travel to Italy and explore historical sites in Rome and Venice.

Get The Right Documents

Lastly, you may be aware of the many threats and challenges that Europe is currently facing. At the moment, there is mass immigration, terror scares and tightened security. That’s why it’s important to get all your visas and documents properly taken care of. In the infographic below, you can see some of the changes that will be coming to European visas in the next few years. You must be aware of these changes and how they could affect a future European holiday.

Infographic Produced By ETIAS Information

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