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All parents have visions of their children growing up to be better versions of themselves – or deviating from what yourself is entirely and taking their own path, but again in a better way. Nobody wants anything bad to happen to them, and there comes a time where you can’t be as protective as you would like as they venture out into the big bad world.

There are things that you can do to help them on this journey. Snippets of information, sourced from love and education, that can guide them on the path that you would like to lead – even if they would totally rebel if they knew it had come from you.

Be Kind

There are definite differences between walking through a major city and a tiny village that you would probably have grown up in. Although there are still people that you are walking past, they are less likely to help you if they’ve got a place to be and are walking at a fast pace to do so – such as in the city. Country bumpkin kids know that you have to be kind to get places, and they may try and imprint this on people if they move into a city. It can quickly fall out of favour with them as they morph into one of the people that walk past somebody who needs help, but encourage them to be as kind as they possibly can and not lose heart with it. You never know when you might need the kindness of somebody else, so always give out what you would like to receive yourself.

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Love the Earth

If we carry on at the rate we’re going, there won’t be much of an earth left for our future generations to enjoy. It takes the more conscious of us to realise that the way and rate of our style of living isn’t going to work for sons and daughters to sustain, so teach them about the way of living that will ensure that they have a good life in the future – or the one that you would like them to have. You could look up a company like Semper Solaris to come and install some solar panels to show that you can use renewable energy sources to provide all the heating and electricity for your home, or at least part of it. Try growing your own fruit and vegetables and express the importance of knowing where your food came from. It’ll help them massively in the long run, both financially and morally.

Be Patient

Patience is something that is innate for some, and definitely a learned trait for others. Depending on what category you fall into will see how far you get in life and how much you are able to tolerate. There are some things that you need to lose patience with, and for the more relaxed amongst us it can be infuriating for parents to see their children being walked over again and again … but this is not something to be tarnished. Those who are patient have skills that most people find desirable in jobs and crave in their own personalities.

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