How to Property Hunt Effectively

If you are getting ready to move, you might need some handy tips about making your property hunt more effective. 

Searching for a property online is a lot of fun, but there comes the point when you have to set the slider to your actual budget and get serious. 

Although browsing a property website with a fantasy budget of a few million can be a lot of fun! 

Real budget

Whatever your budget is, you need to have factored in other costs. When you buy a house, you also need to pay a range of people involved in the sale/purchase. 

Barclay’s estimated that the average cost for moving house is £8,885. This price includes temporary storage, moving vans, cleaning, stamp duty, legal fees, and more. 

So whatever you think your budget is, you will need to lessen it by about £8-9k to allow for all of the financial surprises along the way. 


It can be a long process traveling to and from house locations, so when possible, add a few houses to your search in the exact location.

For example, when looking at flats for sale in croydon, you can extend the area a little bit. Or add in a few properties that might not be your first choice – but you never know when you see them in person. 

5 Months +

To give yourself the least stressful moving experience, start looking at houses for five months and more before you want to move. While some house moves go smoothly and are completed in as little as a few weeks, some take months. 

You are more likely to find it taking longer if you are in a chain. If anything happens at any point of the chain, you will be affected too – this can include delays or a complete fall-through of sales. 

No Compromise

Before you start to look seriously, you should create a list of non-negotiable items that the house has to have. Beyond that, a wish list of what would be nice to have. 

When you visit the property, you need to tick off as many non-negotiable as possible. 

In the heat of the moment, during a viewing, you might feel that you can live without a bath or a garden big enough for a cherry tree. Within a few months, though, you are likely to focus on what the house is missing. 

While these things can be added most of the time, it’s going to be at your expense. 

Set Alerts

While you are likely working with a great estate agent, you should set alerts on all of the most popular house hunting websites for your location or country. 

This means that as soon as new houses hit the market, you will be able to assess them by your criteria and know if they are worth adding to your viewing list. 

House hunting effectively takes some planning ahead of the searching. Understanding what you need and what is possible in your budget is essential. 

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