Create That Special Vintage Feel

More and more homeowners are looking back into the past to find design ideas for their modern houses. This might seem strange, but there is a particular charm that modern designs can’t fully replicate. There is a sense of life and achievement in a vintage style, the sense that it’s a house that has a rich history and that is friendly and welcoming. Vintage is by definition the best type of interior décor that can turn your house into a home: Nothing feels homelier than a shabby chic chest of drawers with faded colours. So how can you give your house a taste of the vintage style you admire without breaking the bank? Here’s how to do it.

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Start By Renovating And Repairing

At the start of a vintage project, there’s something that you need to understand: Just because vintage design is made to look old and faded, it doesn’t mean that you should be happy with anything similar for your house structure or your appliances. In short, do make sure to give the room a thorough inspection before you start so that you can proceed with any necessary renovation work. Clean the walls carefully, and check for any water stains or mould growth, as they will be a sign that there is a structural issue to sort out as a priority. Do also check the windows and the insulation: You don’t want the room to be drafty. If it is, these are things that you need to change before you can start decorating the room. It may sound a little dull, but you should never begin any decorating work in a house that has not been fully renovated.

Choose Sturdy Finishing And Material

Once the room has been renovated to its full prime, you can begin to look at materials and finishings that will bring the vintage feel to life. Using an old-fashioned wallpaper will be a great way of immediately taking your room a few decades in the past. If you are not keen on wallpaper, try to find a flooring solution, such as the engineered timber by Carpet One approach, that reminds of the quality buiding of the past. Always make sure to pick materials in a faded tone as this will add an aged feeling to the room. Additionally, swapping your door handle for something a little more sophisticated, such as antique handles – you can find these in fayres or in antique shops at a very decent price, or, if you prefer the online world, eBay might be a good place to start looking – can give a vintage look to the most modern door.

Add The Colourful Touch

Last, but not least, is the moment of truth: Time to reveal your artistic talents! You can age your furniture with a vintage painting style by picking old-fashioned colours such as cream, baby blue or even mustard. The best way to give a distressed look to your furniture is to use chalk paint and to then rub the edges in the way you would expect constant use to show: For example, for chairs, it’s about creating a faded area on the seat and along the legs. If you are feeling confident in your painting skills, you can use motifs and appliques to enhance the final result. Motifs of kitchen herbs and field flowers are a favourite of vintage addicts.

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