Can A Money Smart Wedding Really Exist?

Your wedding might be the most special day of your life, but it’s also likely to be one of your most expensive. You might have had dreams about the perfect day you’ve held onto for years, but is it really all worth the cost? To stop your perfect day from emptying your wallet, you might want to be a bit smarter in how you plan it. It can be both cheaper, more stress-free, and more secure with the tips mentioned below.

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Book smarter

You can still get a fantastic venue at a reasonable price and potentially save on a lot of other wedding goodies if you’re willing to just be a bit different with your timing. For one, you might want to avoid the big Summer or Winter weddings, as those are the times that venues are in most demand. Saturdays, a well, are more expensive than any other day of the week. Of course, sites like http://www.weddingdates.co.uk can help you find the exceptions, but it’s best to keep your expectations realistic. If you want to use a great venue around the same time as every other wedding party, you’re going to get charged more for it.

Don’t rush it

It should only make sense that the more time you’re willing to give yourself until the date of the wedding, the more money you can save. For one, you can book when most vendor and venues don’t have their books full, which means you’ll get a lower price. But if you’re actually starting to plan much earlier, then you have more time to source different deals as well. There are plenty of places like http://www.hitched.co.uk/ where you can browse a plethora of different deals.
There are some vendors out there who cut costs without sacrificing quality. It’s all about having the time to find them. You should also consider the fact that you’ll have birthdays, Christmases and other opportunities at a little bonus cash that can be put into the wedding fund.

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Do more yourself

If you have more time to prepare for the wedding, then you might have more time to make a bit of a DIY impact on the wedding. You can source and arrange your own flowers. You can create your wedding invites. You can create your welcome table or sign. Besides helping you cut the costs, taking the chance to make more of the wedding yourself gives you the opportunity to really personalize it. The day will be more special because of the effort, love, and care the two of you have put into the individual parts of it. It also ensures that your wedding isn’t going to look like everyone else’s.

Brace for the unexpected

Regardless of how much time you give yourself to prepare, there’s always the chance that something can go wrong. Plans can change, vendors can fall through with only weeks to go and so forth. Are you going to bite the full cost of changing dates, venues or vendors? It might make the wedding entirely unaffordable so it might be worth considering insurance packages like those from https://www.wedinsure.co.uk/ to make it a lot more practical. After all, if you get it set up early, then you have more time to pay for it. Besides insuring the wedding, you should also consider taking the time to note down and get in contact with potential backup vendors if you do experience a no-show.

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Don’t go overboard with the stag/hen do

This is a trend that needs to stop. The hen and stag parties are ever escalating, getting more expensive, and taking people further afield, so that hundreds are going to be spent well before the wedding. If you expect to go abroad for your hen and stag do, then the chances are that you’re going to be carrying some of the costs despite the fact that the party members will be pitching quite a lot. It’s unnecessary and it causes a lot more stress than it needs to. Talk to your wedding party and make it clear you don’t need an extravagant party. Keep it local, keep it more about the people than the place. It will be a relief for everyone involved.

You deserve to have an unforgettable day, but don’t think that how it feels is going to be in any way determined by how much you’re willing to spend. Don’t get caught into the same trap that has put hundreds of brides under immense pressure in the past. Be willing to have a more financially sensible wedding.

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