The Bridal Party Responsibilities

If you are part of the bridal party at a friend or family member’s wedding, there are certain responsibilities that you will have to undertake. Sure, you don’t have to plan the whole thing or there may not be something available for you to plan as some brides like to take a hold of the whole occasion, but you can always offer the help at the very least. If you are stuck on ideas on what to do, here’s a bit of a list as to the assistance you can provide…

Wedding Preparation

Say Yes to The Dress

Going to the bride’s dress fittings, helping her pick the ideal outfit and being easy with whatever you’ve got to wear can be a massive help. Saying yes to your own dress and not being picky about something that is personal to her and her special day is something that can make a huge impact on the feel of the whole occasion. Don’t bring down somebody’s dream with your own wants and needs.

Help With Stationery

If the bride is taking it upon herself to create her own bespoke invitations and save the date cards, or even something as simple as name settings and directions for the reception venue, help out as much as you can. It is a time consuming effort and one that shouldn’t be underestimated. Have a look around for good deals on materials and get inspiration from a variety of sites across the internet. Remember to keep to the theme that she is wanting and don’t deviate too far away from what she wants you to do. Set a day aside at least to get ahead.

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Travel In Style

Helping out with the logistics of how the bride, groom and everybody else involved in the wedding are getting to the venue can save so much hassle. Have a look around to see the best places to hire a wedding car, and always look for reviews and recommendations – the one thing that you will need to keep in mind is the timekeeping of these companies. There are so many different options for getting somewhere, and you’ll need to think outside of the box for different ideas; bicycles, horse and cart, tractors – the sky’s your limit, aim high!

Assist On The Day

With the rush of the build up, many people forget the assistance that the main couple will need on the day. It can be something silly like getting people up to dance on the night, directing them to their seats when they arrive for the ceremony, helping the bride with her dress when she goes to the toilet or even just chatting to people that you don’t know on the table that you have been placed at. As long as you keep the day flowing and put in your best effort to do so, there should be no reason for anything untoward to happen. The cogs behind a fantastic wedding are definitely to be appreciated – you’ll go down a treat!

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