Baby on the Way? Here’s 5 Ways To Make Your Home Childproof!

For anybody who’s got a child on the way, it’s something that can suddenly become quite overwhelming. When you have a child in the house, it is important to babyproof every part of your home. Our children are delicate, which means we’ve got to find the right ways to make sure that our homes are safe and habitable. Here are a few things that we can all do. 

Use Power Socket Covers

Because toddlers are attracted to objects with different colours and shapes, electrical cords and power sockets can catch their attention quickly. Make sure you keep these away from your children. When in doubt, you can seek the help of a residential electrician to make sure that they install safety switches that can cut off the power so there is no chance of electrocution. Additionally, you can get cord holders to make sure all your cords are organised. It’s so important to be organised with the electrical equipment, so rather than just sticking everything behind the television or out of sight because they will always find them. 

Drain Any Water Containers

You might have a very low bathtub or bucket, and leaving your child unsupervised when taking a bath or near any water is not a good idea. The smallest container with just a few centimetres of water can be a major risk. Make sure that you empty any possible drowning hazards and drain them after use. If you’ve got any ponds in the garden make sure that they are secure by putting a fence around them to minimise any risks. 

Securing the Stairs

Once your child learns to walk around, they will want to get exploring. Falls are going to be a common occurrence if you do not secure the stairs. To make sure that your stairs are as safe as possible, you need to install a gate at the bottom. Many people opt for a gate at the bottom and the top, but this all depends on the setup of your staircase. 

Put Medicines and Chemicals in High Cupboards

One of the most common hazards at home is leaving pills or chemicals lying around. A lot of people put their products in a cupboard under the sink, and if this is you, it’s a good idea to get a padlock. However, it is far more beneficial for you to have your medicine and chemicals stored in really high cupboards. 

Add a Stop to Any Doors and Drawers

You can’t be around your child constantly to protect them from every single danger, but you could put hinge protectors and stoppers on the doors, so if your child closes a door on their hands it’s going to stop it from hitting their fingers. 

In addition to all of these, it’s always worth having a first aid kit around. The fact is that your child will get into some injuries which means that you’ve got to fix up your interior so your children are protected and you get some peace of mind.

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