Baby It’s Cold Outside, So Keep Your Home Warm!

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It’s starting to get very chilly out there, isn’t it? Soon ice will be covering the driveway like frosting on a cake. The snow will fall blanketing the world in white and we’ll be left shivering under our sheets trying to keep warm. I love winter but only if I can make sure my home stays toasty when the weather outside is frightful. Here are a few tips if you feel the same way.

Check Your Fuel Supply

Before winter kicks into high gear, it’s always a smart move to check how much fuel you have. This is a particularly smart plan if you have gas oil heating your home. As oil users will know, it can be difficult to get the supply that you need when you want it. So, by checking early, it will give you lots of time to get that tank filled up before things get too desperate. It’s worth getting a digital reader for your oil supply too. Otherwise, you’re relying on a manual reading, and that can be irritating to get, to say the least.

Extra Appliances

There are plenty of additional appliances that you can use to heat your home through the winter months. For instance, you can purchase a portable gas fire that runs on cylinders. You’ll usually find these mini fires are on wheels. That means you can move them from room to room with no trouble at all. The best part is that they allow you to keep your heating bills low. Rather than turning the thermostat up, you can just turn on the portable fire for an hour or so to heat up the room. If you have good insulation, one hour of heat from these fires can last a whole evening.

Ensure You Are Insulated

Does your home have great insulation? If it doesn’t, you’ll find that your heating bills are high and your house doesn’t even stay warm. There’s an easy way to check the insulation in one of the rooms of your home. Hold your hand about ten inches away from the window. If you can feel any cold air, there’s a good chance you need an upgrade. You can get new triple glazing, guaranteed to keep cold air and even noise outside. If you don’t have the money for an upgrade like this, you might want to think about thicker curtains and blinds. It won’t solve the problem completely, but it will help you trap the heat inside.

Extra Add Ons

Alternatively, if you do have some money to burn there are other add ons that will make your home more pleasant through the winter. A personal favourite would be heated floor panels. If you install these in your kitchen, you can keep your toes toasty early in the morning. If you’re like me and hate stomping around on cold tiles in search of breakfast, this will feel like heaven.

I hope you survive the winter weather. Don’t worry, spring isn’t that far away now.

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