6 Spring Activities that Don’t Cost Too Much (or are free)

The warmer weather means you may want to get out a little more. But it can be expensive if you have kids. So here are some Spring activities that don’t cost too much or are free.

Make Your Own Stuff

Arts and crafts aren’t for everyone. But you can still try your hand at making your own stuff, and the kids love it. Getting messy with glue, paint, and glitter is part of the fun. And you can make useful items with things you have lying around the house. For instance, you can make candle lanterns from old jars, photo frames from cardboard, and pretty much anything else, or even work on your vision board. Yet if you aren’t crafty or need some inspiration, Spring is a great time for a pop-up craft workshop and fairs all over the place. And they’re usually free to attend.

Baking and Cooking are Spring Activities that Don’t Cost

Almost 50% of UK adults have never baked anything before. But a warm Spring afternoon is the perfect time to make use of your kitchen by baking or cooking using up anything you have leftover in your pantry. And this is another one the kids also love to do. Aside from some main ingredients like fresh fruit, you can bake using mostly what you have in your kitchen. So costs can be minimal. Additionally, most baking takes time, planning, and organization. So it’s a great way to spend time with the children while teaching them valuable life skills as well. 

Attend Reading Activities at the Library

It’s such a shame that many libraries are closing in record numbers. Libraries are a great way to get some extra reading for your children, which helps them immensely at school. But libraries also offer a great way for children and adults alike to socialize. A library card is either free or costs very little in almost all cases. What’s more, local libraries often hold social reading events for the kids and coffee mornings (or something similar) for adults. So perhaps it’s time to switch off your expensive tablet and let your kids get their hands on a real-life book made from paper!

EXTRA: Tips for Saving Money for Spring Activities

Spring can be expensive because it’s when you and the kids want to get out after the long and cold Winter. But the season is four months long, so you don’t have to do everything all at once:

  • Check for branded groceries that offer vouchers for theme parks and attractions.
  • Put away some money each week for a day out towards the end of Spring.
  • Check your local websites for attractions that require a donation rather than a fee.
  • Consider cycling instead of filling your car or taking expensive public transport.
  • Reduce your energy costs by lowering your boiler settings as it gets warmer.

Not all activities are free. But you can spread the cost by making some small changes or being savvy about offers. Just don’t be tempted to take out a loan to get away this year.

Try Roller Skating and Blading

There are many fun physical activities you do in Spring that are good for you. Of course, most people go biking, running, or walking. But roller skating and blading were once very popular for those of us old enough to remember. And they are making a resurgence these days as nostalgia and retro are becoming more popular. Of course, skates and blades cost money to purchase. But you are sure to find used ones on sites like eBay. Further, once you have purchased them, it costs nothing to get out and make the most of a beautiful day.

Spring Activities that Don’t Cost Includes Nature Walks

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love a good walk in nature. However, the cold of Winter means you are limited to local trails or can’t stay out too long. Fortunately, the warmer weather of Spring means you can stay out much longer than in Winter, as you take in the beauty of nature as it emerges from a long sleep. What’s more, getting out with the kids to a popular nature trail costs next to nothing. All you really need to pay for is your transportation there and any food and drink. Yet you can save further by packing your own snacks for lunch.

Visit a Local Museum

Local attractions begin to see higher visitor numbers in Spring as more people are anxious to get out and about. And you can join in the cultural fun for very little money. Most cities have multiple attractions that either don’t cost much, ask for a donation, or are free. Many places, for example, have numerous attractions for free, such as art galleries and natural history or themed museums. Even the smallest towns have something to offer. Additionally, museums and galleries are a great way to spend some quiet time with older children, adult friends, or alone.


Spring is a great time to get out of the house and do some activities. You can get out on nature trails, attend crafts fairs, or take in some culture by visiting museums and galleries.

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