5 Ways To Prioritise Health As A Busy Parent

As a busy parent, it can be extremely tricky to prioritise your own health. When you feel like your kids come first, it can feel counterintuitive to make time for yourself. But prioritising your own health as a parent is an essential part of looking after your children. A healthy parent is in the best possible position to look after their family. Here’s how to prioritise your health as a busy parent.

#1 Get Those Health Appointments In The Diary

The most difficult hurdle for many is actually booking the appointment they need. Make sure you call or book that appointment online with your doctor or dentist. Many of us think we feel anxiety about seeing a doctor, but psychologist Dr Romano believes that it is actually fear of the unknown. In reality, the only way to combat that fear is to book an appointment. So don’t neglect making that booking because you’re worried or too busy, it will always be beneficial.

#2 Seek Help For Those Niggling Aches & Pains

We all get those little aches – neckache, back pain, headaches – which we just write off as a part of everyday life. But getting these checked by your doctor can put your mind at rest and keep you healthy for longer. Once you’ve seen your doctor, consider osteopathy to seek relief from those niggling aches and pains. Osteopaths can help treat elbow and wrist pain, back pain and a huge variety of musculoskeletal aches and disorders.

#3 Leverage Your Support Network

If you’re a single parent it might seem impossible to get childcare while you book an appointment. But there’s no shame in asking for help. Talk to your friends and family about helping with childcare while you go and seek help for a health problem. If you’re struggling to balance your home, work and social life, join a local mum’s group and become part of a local and understanding support network.

#4 Get Your Family Involved In Active Days

Your children will follow the example you set them, so getting them involved in active days is a great way to showcase healthy behaviour. Arrange a family day out at a country park, take them to a trampoline park, or sign yourselves up for a new sport like go-karting, or horse riding, depending on your budget. Show your own kids how to prioritise health and do it for yourself at the same time.

#5 Plan Ahead

Setting out your weekly goals in advance can help you to prioritise your health by putting it in your calendar. Try to block out chunks of time in the day to go outside, or take a break, and then plan in advance to make sure you can take the time. Simple steps like cooking dinner a day ahead can free up the next day to prioritise you.

It’s not easy to make time as a busy parent. We hope these tips have provided some inspiration for how to put yourself first and take care of your health and wellbeing.

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