Getting The Party Started At Your Wedding: How To Compile The Perfect Playlist

It’s your big day, and you can’t wait to celebrate with all your closest friends and family. Once the I do’s are out of the way, it’s time to turn your attention to getting the party started. You want everyone to have a fabulous time and let their hair down. So how can you make sure that the dance floor is rocking all night long? Here are some tips to help you create the perfect wedding reception playlist.


Old favourites and wedding classics

No matter how cutting edge your music tastes, wedding classics should be a staple of every celebration. You know the ones. Those tunes that are guaranteed to get everyone out of their seats and onto their feet. We’re thinking the Abba or Dirty Dancing megamixes. Or anything by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder or the Spice Girls. Old-school crowd-pleasers like Oasis’ Wonderwall are also a good shout.

Personal favourites

It’s your wedding day, so make sure you include a few tracks that are important to you as a couple. Perhaps you’ve got memories of holidays, or songs you used to play over and over again when you started dating. You could also include songs that hold special meaning for your friends and families. Do you have a song that was on everywhere on your stag or hen do? Is there a tune that brings back memories of when you were younger or something you always sing when you get together for family events?


If you’ve got children or teenagers at your wedding, throwing in a few recent chart-toppers is guaranteed to go down well. If you’re not sure what’s hot at the moment, consult with your DJ. Firms like We R DJs can help you to plan and personalise your playlist to suit all your guests.


It’s a fantastic idea to get your guests involved in planning your playlist. One easy way to do this is to ask for song requests on your RSVP slips. If you have a wedding website, you can also ask guests to post suggestions online. If you liaise with your DJ, you may also be able to add a few requests on the night.

Slow jams

There are certain tunes, like Mr Brightside and Jump Around that are guaranteed to get everyone bouncing. But it’s also a good idea to include some slow jams. It is a wedding after all, and it’s all about sharing the love. Drop in a couple of gentler tunes to give your guests chance to recover and create a more romantic vibe.

There’s nothing like a good wedding party to send people home in high spirits. If you’re planning your wedding, take a bit of time to think about what to put on your playlist. Go for a mixture of old and new. Add some personal touches, and invite your guests to send in requests. Think about songs that will get everyone dancing, but don’t forget to add a little romance too. Ask your DJ for suggestions and don’t be afraid to embrace the old cliches. There’s a reason they get played at almost every wedding in the country!

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