“Picasso” Flower Bouquet Review from Bunches

I love flowers and even more so since I have had my own house, every opportunity I get I will treat myself to a bunch or 2 of fresh flowers and fill every room around the house.

When Tristan from Bunches got in contact with me and offered me to review one of their bouquets I couldn’t resist, flowers brighten up any dull day.

I was sent their gorgeous “Picasso” bouquet full of vibrant colours of deep purple, creams and whites and the smell, well if you could smell them through this post you would be wanting a bunch in your house right now, it is just amazing fills the room with fragrance.


I got them carefully out the box as they were packaged very delicately and the stems were kept in a tub of wet tissue to prevent them from dying.


They also came with a sachet of flower food to put in the water to keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Flower food

When I took them out the box there was a little surprise gift inside of a bag of chocolates and a little note from the company – It’s the little touches.


I placed the flower bouquet in my lounge on the fireplace as it is where we most spend our evenings so I can admire them every day and enjoy the aromas they give off.


The roses started to die just after a week but the rest still look amazing and could go on for a while longer.

I would certainly buy flowers from Bunches again as the delivery was excellent and it is all done by courier so any special occasion you can guarantee arrival on time.

The majority of the bouquet is still going 2 weeks later which is amazing, but have a feeling with this hot weather it may start to give up the go. Still 2 weeks is amazing, must be doing something right.

This bouquet is available in 2 sizes Standard size (21 stems) priced at £32.99 and then Elegance luxury bouquet size (31 stems) priced at £44.99.  I don’t feel that is too badly priced for the selection of flowers you get.

  • I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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