Cleaning Baby Bottle with Milk Buster | Review

When was the last time you looked at your baby bottles? I mean properly looked at them?

I am going to be truthful here and admit that I don’t, Just Use them, wash them sterilise them and reuse them.

Over time the bottles we use have started to become cloudy, and can sometimes have a bit of an unpleasant smell to them. We’ve been lucky enough to be able to test out the Nimble Babies Milk Buster, which has been specially developed to prevent, and remove, the build up of milk residue.

A little bit about the technical stuff

Nimble Babies uses only plant based ingredients and is as mild as water which is brilliant, my other thought was that if I sterilise my bottle why would I need this? Well it turns out that sterilising only kills germs it doesn’t remove the residue so the germs can grow back! Who knew?!

The instructions say all you need to do is fill the bottle with water, two squirts of Milk Buster, and give it a scrub with the brush, quick rinse and it’s done.

When I first tried out Nimble Babies Milk Buster I noticed immediately that the bottles weren’t as cloudy. I would like to note that I don’t think you’ll ever get your bottles to look perfectly new again, but they are noticeably cleaner, and the funky milk smell had gone.

I haven’t tried it yet but have heard it works on different types of plastic too such as bowls and plates.

Nimble Babies milk buster comes in a 200ml spray bottle which retails for £5.99 and also a travel size 60ml bottle is available to buy as well.

I would be sure to buy this product again.

*I was sent some Nimble Babies Milk Buster for the purpose of this review.  However, All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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