Meal Planning Monday 23/10/2017

Last week was a different sort of week as the Fiance had booked us 4 days away in a log cabin in the heart of the Stoke country side in a place called Cheadle for my 30th so couldn’t plan meals untill we got there.

This week is going to be another very busy and it’s the week of OUR WEDDING so will have to be quick and easy meals.  Friday I will be at my mums, Saturday will be our wedding menu food and Sunday is my nephews birthday so will be party style tea.

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This weeks meal plan consists of:

Chicken En Croute/Chicken Bake with Curly Fries

Burrito’s & Chips

Quiche, Rice, & Salad


Mum’s cooking

Wedding Breakfast Food

Party style Food

What is your meal plan this week?





What on your meal plan for this week?



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2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Monday 23/10/2017

  1. Charlotte Hoskins

    I love Buritos, I never seem to be able to get them quite the same as the mexican takeaways though!

  2. Next weeks menu is:
    Homemade Lasagna
    Chicken & Bacon Risotto
    Steak, Egg & Chips
    Cottage Pie
    Homemade Minted Lamb Burgers
    Curry & Rice
    Lamb Hotpot

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