Interviews, Orthodonists & Sun #LittleLoves

WOW, How has another month gone by so quickly. June has been quite a tough month and I’ve been a bit slack on trying to keep up with doing #LittleLoves due to this, so apologies there but I’m now going to try to keep on top of it.

Well what a week it has been for me, the end of June I found out I was been made redundant from work cause they were merging the teams together.  It couldn’t have happened at a worse time after just coming back off holiday.


Well I try not to watch much TV but while I have been off I have watching a little bit of catch up TV but have come to the decision day time tv is rubbish there is nothing on.  There is also a new series of suits out…Me and my OH were so excited to see it back on the TV.


Bikini’s and summer dresses.  We have had an amazing few baking hot days.  So why I have been off searching for jobs I have been spending time in the garden sunning myself to top up my tan from Spain.


Lots of different Job applications and Job specifics.  Just hope something comes around soon.


The horrible, horrible situation in France with all the lives lost.  I still can’t understand how people can be like this and kill innocent people.  Make me so sad.


A Victoria sponge cake,  I don’t often do much baking because I don’t have time, but my friend was popping in for a catch up on Tuesday afternoon and I had got eggs that needed using up so thought why not will make a cake.  It was lovely, because of the heat I just put jam in the middle rather than cream/buttercream and I kept it in the fridge.  unfortunately it got eaten quite quickly so didn’t have chance to take a photo to post here.

And Finally….

It’s 12 months to the date (22nd July) till I get married.  Still so much to organise and arrange and sort out, flowers, dresses, decorations and more but I am so excited and really can’t wait.  Plus for all the kids at schools….IT’S THE 6 WEEKS HOLIDAYS YAY!

What are your plans for the weekend/Summer? Would love to hear them?


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