Why You Should Book A Trip To France Right Now

There’s no wonder why us Brits love heading to France. It’s super close – just over the Channel in fact – and is still a relatively cheap place to travel to. Even though it’s so popular, many of us still only travel to the main tourist hotspots, like Paris. However, there is so much more to France than its capital city. Interested to find out more about this fabulous country? Here are some reasons why you should book a trip to France right now.


Delicious Food

France is known as a country of foodies. So make sure you are travelling on an empty stomach and are ready to try lots of local delicacies! You will find tasty croissants and baguettes all across the country. But there are some regional specialities that you need to make room for as well. The city of Lyon is known for its simple dishes that use fresh, local ingredients. One of the best dishes to try in Lyon is Cochonaille, which is a meal made up of a selection of pork products. If you want to try French seafood, head to Marseille. The coastal town has a fabulous reputation for its fresh fish and seafood!

Amazing Culture

There are so many galleries and museums in France! Nice is famous for its Matisse Museum, which is dedicated to the memory of Henri Matisse. The exhibitions display many of the artist’s notable works and some of his personal items. While you are in Nice, don’t forget to visit its excellent contemporary art museum, the MAMAC. Each city and large town has a wealth of culture to discover; no matter where you end up, you’ll find some awesome galleries and museums!

Great Beaches

France is the perfect beach holiday destination. You’ll find lots of popular resorts on Cote d’Azur. This large coastal destination is part of the Mediterranean, so you can expect to have lots of good weather while you are there. It’s a great spot for families as kids can entertain themselves by playing on the beach and paddling in the sea. The surrounding countryside is also a favourite destination for hikers and cyclists, and will look fab in your holiday snaps!

Festivals and Events

The country has a packed calendar of annual events, many of which attract crowds of tourists. One of France’s most popular festivals is the Cannes Film Festival,which takes place every year in early summer. When the festival is on, many famous Hollywood actors and directors descend on the coastal town. Another popular festival, the Nice Carnival takes place in the middle of February. Thousands of dancers and performers take over the city with street parties and parades. Many locals and tourists join in with the festivities, usually in fancy dress.

This list should have given you plenty of reasons to book a trip to France. And not one of them mentions Paris! If you head away from the capital city, you’ll see so much more of this cultural country. And not going to Paris gives you an excuse to hit the beach!

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