Photographers, Food & Mud #LittleLoves

How is it the first of April already? A quarter of the way through this year.  Well unfortunately there has been no 2 weeks off for me like some of you lucky buggers.

How has your week been?


Trying to read up on different photographer’s for our wedding.  So many different thing to choose from and to take into consideration.


Erm…. This week I seem to have watched quite a bit, Soaps Emmerdale & Coronation Street, Super Vet – even if it does make me cry.


Mud… On bank holiday Monday me and my fiance decided we were going to jet wash the drive and the patio out back.. well 3 hours later it was all done but I was covered head to toe in splattered mud.


I do really enjoy cooking but when I’ve been at work all day I like to be able to come home and just rustle something up that s quick and easy.  This week I had a late night at work as it’s month end so quite busy.  I got home and thought I will just make tuna pasta bake.  Me and my fiance both love this meal, quick and simple to make.



The very sad passing of Ronnie Corbett aged 85.  He was a great entertainer on television.  It such a shame this year has started off with deaths of lots of famous celebrities.  Such sad news, RIP!

And Finally…

May have eaten quite a lot of chocolate.

Hope you have all had a great week


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One thought on “Photographers, Food & Mud #LittleLoves

  1. I love tuna pasta bake too! Such a great quick dinner isn’t it? x

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