My Happiness Non-Negotiable List

Well I have been tagged by the lovely Rachel at Parenthood highs and lows to write up my Non- Negotiable list of happiness.

Each person has different things that create their happiness and they won’t negotiate on and no one is ever right or wrong as each person as an individual will be different.  Even the very definition of it is ambiguous, with The Oxford Dictionary defining it as ‘the state of feeling or showing pleasure’.

Well here are mine:

My Blog

I started up my blog 8 months again after having a discussion with my sister-in-law about promoting my handmade card and it went from there.  I’m now writing about lots of different things in life and absolutely love every minute of it.  If I ever just want to get away from things I will hide myself in my blog and write about things….New post coming soon “Planning a wedding”.

My Pets

This is probably an odd non – negotiable happiness topic but I love my pets.  The way they make me feel if I feel down, I can go out to the garden and give them fuss & cuddle and talk to them, they will just instantly cheer me up with their cute little fluffy faces and jumping or Binking around their cages in happiness.

IMG_1609 IMG_4585 IMG_2308

My Cards

I have been making handmade cards and stationery for many years now and it’s another thing that I absolutely love doing.  I can go and hide away in the spare room and put some music on and lose myself in creating and designing new card ideas. You can find all the cards I have made here on my KimzKardz but here’s one I made earlier.



I have always loved music, and how a good track can always, without fail uplift my mood, if I have had a bad day in general or at work. Most evenings when I get in from work I will plug my phone into the Ipod dock in the kitchen and listen to Spotify while cooking dinner and have a little dance to myself.

So there you have it – my ‘non-negotiables’ for happiness list.  I now tag the gorgeous Sally at These Junebug Days to join in and share hers.

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