How To Ease Your Boredom On The Long Commute

Most of us have to commute quite some distance to get into the office. Gone are the days of working somewhere local. Now we live outside the city to be able to afford to work in the city. But it takes time to get there and back each day. The average UK commute is now 54 minutes each way. That’s a lot of time to be sat doing nothing. So how can you ease your boredom on such a long journey each day?

If you drive to work, chances are you get stuck in traffic at some point. It’s these moments that we’re most likely to lose concentration and get distracted. As we’re looking around the car for something to do while we wait, it can be all too easy to take a sneaky peak at the phone. Instead of risking a fine or crash, why not enjoy an audio book to keep you inspired on your long commute?

On a train, you can sometimes have the space to get your laptop out and get on with some work. Perhaps you’re writing a book on there or blogging? Maybe you’re planning an early retirement! If you don’t have the space in your handbag for that, you can buy a tablet and Bluetooth keyboard. And with Bluetooth headphones, you could even watch a movie while you’re passing the time. Download it for offline viewing, and you could get all the way to the end in time for your destination stop.

Britons claim that long bus journeys are the worst way to commute. As most bus routes are quite local at fewer than seven miles, you may find that cycling gets you there quicker. It’s cheaper, and healthier too. And you won’t be bored if you’re physically working your way to work. Take a fitness tracker watch with you and you can keep check of the calories you’ve burned and miles you’ve covered.

If you’re lucky enough to live within two miles of your office, chances are you can walk. Why not take up jogging so you can get home that little bit quicker in the evenings? While you’re walking, you can enjoy listening to streaming radio stations or your own private playlist tracks. Or you could even gain an education by listening to seminars, and course notes as you walk.

Driving can be one of the most unpleasant ways to commute if you’re regularly in traffic. It’s important to keep your car well maintained if you are in traffic a lot. Make sure your levels are topped up and your tyres are in good condition. If they’re wearing a bit now, order some cheap tyres to get you through the next season. A blowout in rush hour traffic could be a nightmare to deal with.

If you’re using public transport, there are apps to help you keep track of delays and cancellations. Sometimes being forewarned can leave you a little less frustrated and more prepared for a late start in the office. And if you’re cycling, be sure to keep a puncture repair kit in your bag. You should also check the brakes each day and oil the chain. Have a great day, however you get there.

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