For those that know me they will know I have had quite an array of different jobs in my life time so far.  I started off when I left school that I always wanted to be a vet nurse, so I went to a college in Warwickshire called Morton Morrell and started studying Vet nursing, then after being there 6-8 months and working in a vets I came to the conclusion I couldn’t carry on because of the fatalities it was really hard and upsetting so I left and found a job in administration.

After a few years had passed I chose to go back to college and study again in animal care at Solihull College, I studied for 2 years doing Level 2 Diploma in Animal Care then Level 3 subsidiary in animal Management, I achieved both of these with a Distinction *.  While I was at College I chose to get a part-time job to keep me ticking over with an income. Just some of the places I have worked are:

Amicus Vets, Boots, Argos, Iceland Food,Cupboard Love (Kitchen refurbish Company), Npower (Mitie Management Services),GVA Grimley, Hatton Country World, Willows Veterinary Practice, Canon and finally, PWC (PriceWaterHouseCoopers).  I loved working in retail and got to met lots of different lovely people, but again you had to work 7 days a week.

I have had various different jobs, and I still don’t honestly know what I want to do but I suppose that is part of life. I do honestly think I have ruled out becoming a veterinary nurse now though as when I was at Willows as an ACA (Animal care Assistant), I had only been there a few months so was still new to the game and I was working 14 hour days to cover sick and holidays, don’t get me wrong I didn’t mind, but the money wasn’t great and the work you do is very physical, but you are helping make the animals better, plus working 10 hours on weekends and bank holidays, I just didn’t feel like I had any time for myself. After I left the vets I got myself a temp/perm position at Canon where I would take all the inbound calls from companies that were having issues with their printers and fax machines I did this for 12 months before moving on, it was a great job, the people I worked with were great too,  but the job just wasn’t for me, too slow and not always busy enough to keep me occupied and the days would drag.

Eventually in October 2015, I was successfully chosen to start work at PWC for a Tax Client Administrator position.  I didn’t know what the outcome would be as I didn’t have any experience in that area of work. I have now been there for nearly 4 months and love it, it can be long days to try to meet deadlines and lots of meetings but I have something different to deal with everyday.

What was your dream Job and what do you do now?

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