Meal Planning Monday 28/10/19

Last week was the first one in my temporary job, it was good, it’s working in the account department for Waterstone’s the book shop so processing the invoices of all the orders placed.  The hardest part about where I work is it is situated right next door to a MacDonald’s restaurant, the will power is real.

We had a busy weekend of seeing family and for once when they were around my husband wasn’t working, and we finally got to meet our new baby niece Elizabeth.

I believe for some people it is now half term time too, what have you got planned for the week? I’m quite excited for when it’s our time comes to experience half terms.

Also for any of you that saw my shopping haul and meal planning on Instagram stories please let me know and comment below if you would like to see them again, thinking of doing them once a month.

This week I will be cooking:

Southern fried chicken wraps

Sausage casserole with creamy mash potato

Lemon and garlic salmon with salad and herby new potatoes

Jacket potatoes with cheese and beans

Tuna pasta bake

Lasanga and garlic bread

Roast dinner and all the trimmings

Hope you all have a great week!


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