Pandemonio | Review And Giveaway

Back in November last year we worked with Drummond Park to review a game call Stoopido. We loved it that much they have sent us another game called Pandemonio, So here is another review and giveaway for your chance to WIN!

The riotous new PANDEMONIO from Drumond Park is a brilliant, quick-fire card trading game for up to 8 people – where everyone plays at once, all the time! Yes – it’s sheer pandemonium… loud, raucous – and, of course, extremely funny. And with two levels of game play it’s perfect for all age and skill groups!

How to play

Each turn, players must collect as many cards as possible, all with the same image that their playing piece is sitting on. Everyone starts with eight cards, and Colin is wound up and set off along his track.

This is the point where everyone gets swapping madly (with cards FACE DOWN – so you don’t know what you’re getting!) for an equal number of an opponent’s cards. As Colin gets to the end of track, the swapping gets ever more frantic, until Colin grinds to a halt! Then everyone moves their playing piece along the board by the number of correct cards collected. If anyone has no matching cards, they just sit tight until the next go.  Each round, the players must get rid of their old cards and collect cards that match the new board square their piece is now sitting on. The first player to get all the way up the board – to land on or pass the Start line – WINS

At first we did struggle a little as to how to play but once we had got the hang of it, it was lots of fun very crazy with lots of shouting.

Would I recommend this game…Yes! It a great game for all the family to get involved in.

The game is prices at £19.99 and is for ages 8 to adult

Drummond Park are giving my readers the chance to win one of these games for themselves. If you wish to enter please use the rafflecopter link below.

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Terms & Conditions

The closing date is Monday 29th October at midnight.

There is one prize of Pandemonio Game as above.  No cash alternative.
This competition is open to residents of the UK only
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  • I received this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

About Kim

Wife to Tom, First time Mummy to Little Boy Freddie and Auntie to 4 Boys & 1 Girl.

67 thoughts on “Pandemonio | Review And Giveaway

  1. Kim Neville

    We like Who finds it first game as fast moving and my kids are so good at it

  2. Iris Tilley

    We’re into Barbecue Party because my granddaughter likes the food involved and kerplunk cos marbles are so pretty and you can play lots of different games with them

  3. clair downham

    monoploy kids love it

  4. Lorna Ledger

    We love Trivial pursuit, as we love the quiz aspect

  5. laura banks

    monopoly but we do bicker alot while playing it but its fun banter

  6. Victoria Thurgood

    the game of life

  7. Elzbieta Znyk


  8. Clare Hubbard

    I love playing pop up pirate with my sons and monopoly with my husband, he always lets me win!

  9. Katie

    Monopoly it’s always been a favourite in our house

  10. Fiona

    We really like Dobble. It’s easy to pick up and there are a few different games you can play too. Great fun!

  11. Tracy Nixon

    Junior Scrabble as we can all join in and different players win each time (usually!)

  12. stuart hargreaves

    great prize good luck to all

  13. We love to play Articulate, as it always ends up with some hilarious answers!

  14. Ren Taylor

    I love playing monopoly…such a classic….some luck and some skill!

  15. Erica Dittman

    Great family game

  16. Yolanda Davis

    we love trivial pursuit. it’s a chance to learn and have fun at the same time.

  17. Anthony Harrington

    we like Frustration and Snakes and Ladders at the moment

  18. Marie Evans

    Now the kids are getting a bit older now . Monopoly or cards

  19. Iris W

    Monopoly has always been a favourite of our family and also a game similar to Yazzi with 6 dice but our own made up rules

  20. Chris Blake

    brilliant game for christmas

  21. Chrissy Harris

    With my son we play lots of orchard games as they are educational but with my nieces and nephews and older family members we love game of life

  22. janine atkin

    id love this 🙂

  23. michelle o'neill

    we love monopoly x

  24. Angela Treadway

    Barbecue party x

  25. Kimberley Ryan

    we love cluedo, so much fun

  26. fiona waterworth

    frustration, it ends up being more like pandemonium the way we play it

  27. Jo Carroll

    We try to play games that has a fair bit of luck involved like Jenga and Twister …that way it’s more of an even contest against know it *…..I mean ‘clever clogs’ daddy 😉

  28. Judith Allen

    My daughter loved to play Operation. and card games like snap and then rummy when she was older.

  29. Susan B

    We most enjoy dragging out the old snakes and ladders game. It is a game of luck so the children are just as likely to win as the grown ups.

  30. Anthea Holloway

    We love Sorry! and have played it for years, first with our children and now with our grandchildren.

  31. Jayne Townson

    We enjoy playing scrabble as it really gets us all thinking. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  32. craig austin

    monopoly… gets us off gadgets for a few hours

  33. Anita Missen

    Guess who. Its my so s fav. Xx

  34. lorraine kirk

    We enjoy playing Frustration as a family, my little boy always seems to win though!


    We’ve always enjoyed snakes and ladders, its easy enough for the younger grandchildren, they still cheat

  36. sheri darby

    We enjoy Monopoly

  37. donna l jones

    nice prize

  38. greig spencer

    monopoly is a fave in our house

  39. katrina adams

    Favourite game to play is Labyrinth because we all get really competitive and strategic. Such good fun though.

  40. We like Twister because we always end up giggling.

  41. katie w

    we love horrible histories monolopy

  42. Patricia Avery

    Twenty Questions because you can play it to suit all ages, from a simple oral game to the more advanced board game 🙂

  43. Sally Collingwood

    Chess, it takes skill!

  44. Michelle Ferguson

    I like Trivial Pursuit as I feel like I am learning

  45. Lisa Wilkinson

    Piranha Panic. It’s a simple but fun game

  46. lynn Neal

    We enjoy a game of Cluedo together!

  47. Diana

    We love Scrabble

  48. Labyrinth as it’s a skill game and involves trying to figure out how to play best to help yourself while blocking other people

  49. paula cheadle

    we all love monopoly, even the younger ones, we even play in teams sometimes if there is too many of us

  50. jamie millard

    hungry hippos. it’s fast and exciting.

  51. Adrian Bold

    Monopoly and Scrabble

  52. Jacqui Rankine


  53. Jacqui Rankine


  54. Tricia cowell

    Snakes and ladders with my Grandsons

  55. Pauline Black

    Star Wars monopoly!

  56. Tammy Neal

    Monopoly as it’s so much fun and easy to play x

  57. Allan Fullarton

    Love Monopoly.

  58. Theresa Thomas

    We love Ludo

  59. Kirsty Hosty

    Guess Who


    my grandchildren love to play monopoly and cludo.

  61. Ashleigh Walbridge

    This sound’s like a fab game to play with my kids. They have adhd (and other quirks) so they would love a manic game to lose themselves into.
    Might be on the Xmas games list this year. Thanks for the review x

  62. Kelly Hirst

    We love to play monopoly empire together as a family it’s much quicker than regular monopoly

  63. Natalie Crossan

    great prize, good luck everyone x

  64. ellie spider

    we love logo and pie face

  65. Jane Blake

    Not played yet but sounds great fun

  66. Charades cause everyone gets involved.

  67. Adrian Bold

    We love scrabble and monopoly.

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