Wedding Fashion: How To Look Stylish Whatever The Weather

Summer wedding season may be over. But that doesn’t mean that aren’t occasions to attend. Many people choose to hold their big day in the autumn and winter months. Crisp blue skies, colourful leaves, and snow-covered landscapes make for beautifully romantic scenes. If you’ve been invited to a wedding in the coming months, you may be wondering what to wear. Don’t panic. These styling tips will help you to look the part whatever the weather.

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What to buy

If you’re going to a wedding in the summer, it can be much easier to plan an outfit. Most people tend to go for dresses or skirts. Bright colours and light fabrics are the order of the day. In the cooler months, putting an outfit together can be tricky. You want to look great. But you also want to be warm and comfortable. When temperatures fall, think about opting for thicker materials and autumnal shades. Jewel tones, metallics, and bold colours like pillar box red work well. You can still wear dresses and skirts, but think about the conditions. You may want to add a jacket or a coat. You could also consider going for a long-sleeved dress and adding tights. If you’re wearing a patterned skirt, keep your eyes peeled for plain bodies with sleeves.

Dressing for a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a long skirt or a dress. There may be other options you wish to consider. If it’s a less formal event, you may prefer to wear trousers. You could choose a chic suit or go for a jumpsuit.

Where to shop

Choosing an outfit for a wedding is made all the more difficult when you consider that hundreds of other people are doing exactly the same thing. You don’t want to turn up in exactly the same dress and shoes as another guest. Try and be original when you’re designing your ensemble, and avoid popular retailers. If you can, shop online, or visit independent retailers like Frox of Falkirk. Another option is to look for styles and pieces you like and then ask a dressmaker to create a similar version with customised touches.

Cold weather wedding essentials

When it’s chilly outside, or there’s a risk of rain, it’s important to have all bases covered. If you’re going to a winter wedding, don’t forget to check the forecast. You may need a coat, or a shawl to throw over your shoulders. Take an umbrella with you. If there’s walking involved, and you want to wear heels for the ceremony, take a pair of flats with you.

Weddings are wonderful events. You have the opportunity to spend time with friends and family and be part of a special and unique celebration. When the weather is unpredictable, it can be tough to choose what to wear. Hopefully, these tips will help you to put together a stylish, comfortable outfit suitable for sun, rain or snow. Have fun shopping, try on different styles, and don’t be afraid to go for something a little bit different.

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