The Food Groups You Should Eat More Of

The way we build our diets revolves around the food groups that naturally occur. However, it’s so easy to discount a few here and there in our regular diets. We can focus a little too heavily on one side of the healthy food plate and seem to forget about the beneficial impacts on the other side. Even so-called ‘unhealthy foods’ can have some real benefits for you! And because of that, here are some of the most commonly discarded food groups that could do with a little more love from your own dinner plate. 

Leafy Greens

The more leafy greens you consume, the higher your fibre and iron levels will be, to name just a couple of benefits. Leafy greens protect your organs and help them to function normally, and they’re also great for helping you feel more energetic during the week. Spinach, kale, and broccoli are all great contenders here, and if you’re missing out on a few necessary vitamins here and there, you can shop at places like tongkat ali australia to help pack out your diet. As long as you’re fitting just a few more substantial leafy products into your meals, they’ll go a long way to help you. 

Unsaturated Fats

Some fats are very good for you; unsaturated fats go a long way to helping improve organ function and ensuring your muscles are as strong as possible. But where can you find these kinds of fats? Not in cakes and cookies, despite how delicious they are! You can find them instead in nuts, oils, seeds, and fruits like avocados. You can also get them out of oily fish, which are packed with Omega 3 which is great for the heart. So next time you’re out shopping, get some salmon or sardines to mix into your regular meals. Your heart, brain, liver, and kidneys will really thank you for it! 

Wholemeal Grains

Wholemeal grains are fantastic carbs; they’re much healthier for you, are more easily digested, and will give you a much bigger fiber boost than their counterparts. You may even want to switch to eating wholemeal breads and pastas to make sure you get regular hits of these nutrients whenever you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. They’re also a lot more filling for you, meaning you won’t need to eat as much of them to feel like you’ve had a good mealtime – that’s much cheaper!  

Yogurt and Cheese

You may think of dairy foods like cheese to simply be tasty but fattening products, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Both yogurt and cheese are great hits of protein and even some healthy fats, like we mentioned above, and they’re always easy to work into a meal. You can have cheese with literally anything (even chocolate!), and yogurt forms one of the best bases for sauces and dips. 

If you want to eat a bit healthier, or you’ve noticed your diet dipping, try focusing on food groups like these. 

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