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I am pretty sure most of us hate it when we are feeling a little under the weather with an illness, whether being a headache, pains, common cold or migraines. It can have a major impact on your day, week or even months! I for one know how miserable it can be heading out to work in the morning not feeling great and then coming home and spending your evening feeling sorry for yourself.

We all have very different thresholds for how we deal with illness and pains, some will find themself struggling to get out the house were as others can snap put of it and crack on with their day.

I think most of us have a draw, cupboard or somewhere to stash your standard medicines and painkillers. These are generally your go to as soon as you start feeling a little rough. But what happens when you wake up with the feeling of a migraine coming on and you realise you have no paracetamol or ibuprofen? The daunting thought of having to get dressed and head out to your local pharmacy just so you can ease the pain means you will probabily head back to bed and pray for the best!

Well there is no need to panic, The Independent Pharmacy is the perfect fix. They provide an online service for all your medical needs. With the click of a few buttons you can have the medical supplies brought to you without having to venture out the house.

Over the years I have suffered with Migraines for as long as I can remember, not major ones but bad enough to send me to bed, and that takes alot.

With a little help from The independent Pharmacy you can deal with Migraines by taking these tablets as it has the reverse effect of what is going on in your head which causes migraines to happen.

My Top tips for dealing with Migraines are:

  1. Take 2 paracetamol and 1 Ibuprofen as soon as you feel a migraine coming
  2. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids
  3. If possible, get straight to bed or somewhere quiet to be able to relax
  4. Once awake, get some food down you

I have heard that eating chocolate can be good for migranes, i’m not sure how true this is, but im sure chocolate helps pretty much everything!

If over the counter products don’t work take a trip to your GP practice and discuss other options or medicines with them directly.

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