How To Stop Your Obsession With Cleaning From “Spilling Over” Into Your Life

If you spend a lot of time cleaning at home, are you doing too much? While having a clean home is important, and it helps us feel comfortable, we can take it too far, and obsession reaches a point where we feel uncomfortable if we don’t clean. But of course, because of everything that has gone on it is unsurprising that more people are feeling they are hell-bent on getting their property clean. But what does it take to get the balance right? 

Focus on the Quality of Cleanliness Rather Than the Quantity

Sometimes, we can think that every single part of the home needs to be clean, but when we look at our own level of cleanliness, it might not necessarily be as clean as we think, in which case we should learn how to let it go. Case in point: the bathroom, you may very well be doing a deep clean as much as possible on the bathroom, and ensuring that you’ve got the high-quality reusable foaming soap dispenser and hygienic hand towels, but if you are not cleaning under the toilet every single day, you shouldn’t feel worried that germs are out to get you! It’s far better to make sure that we are doing to maintain the quality of the cleanliness. 

Remember: a Little Bit of Dirt Is Okay

Some people feel that when their children get their hands dirty, they immediately have to wipe them down, but there are many benefits to being unclean, but it’s significant to remember that this is only to a point. Being clean is important, but for the benefit of our children’s immune systems, we’ve got to give them the opportunity to get dirty, because this is what will stimulate the production of good gut bacteria, and will help them in the long run. 

Preventing Obsessions

We have to remember that cleaning is important, but even if you miss one day of cleaning, everything will be ok. It’s important to maintain a cleaning schedule, but how do we stop it from becoming an obsession? One of the best ways to do it is to focus on one household chore every day. For example, you can vacuum one day, mop the kitchen floor the next, and dust the day after. When we get into this one chore a day limit, it’s going to help us keep our home clean, and maintain a healthier mindset. Additionally, if you feel the urge to do a deep clean, you need to think about the limits.

Everybody needs to clean their home but we have to remember that there are chores that aren’t an absolute must. For example, vacuuming once a week is more than adequate if you haven’t got pets. And cleaning hard-to-reach places is also fine once a week when we start to focus on being overly clean soon spills over into other areas of our lives. If you’ve got children that like to get dirty, as much as it may prove difficult to get into this mindset, it’s definitely worth letting them get dirty for a little bit. After all, you can put them in the bath afterwards!

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