Holiday Hangover? Try Something Different

An easy local holiday can be great, a nice relaxing break to Spain or the south of France. Both close and easy. However, when you do the same holiday time and time again it quickly becomes monotonous. Granted, you are still enjoying yourself, and your money constraints may dictate where you can and can’t go. But try somewhere new. Something different, where you can see new sights and experience new cuisine, culture and weather. Go for a more active holiday, where you experience the great outdoors instead of simply sitting on a sunbed for two weeks. It may be what you want, yet you aren’t in no way broadening your horizons by doing the same things time and time again. You need to do what the family want of course, not just you want. Yet you can convince them if need be. Here are some ideas to get you started. You never know, you could just find your favourite new place and kill that irksome holiday hangover.

To start, try thinking of something totally new, like Asia. You could visit Japan, vibrant Tokyo with its varied and wonderful history dating back the sincere samurai and guileful ninjas. Or is China more your thing? There are many tours to China, where you can see the wonderful terracotta army, the forbidden city and beautiful sunsets across a land steeped in beauty. Asia can be an expensive option, but it will be an option you’ll remember for a long time.

Yellow Mountains, China, Yellow, Mountain, Asia

America is another option. Where you can mix your love for the sun with some great cultural ingestion. Florida is a safe bet, especially if you have kids. You can spend one day in the Disney parks, then go over to Universal studios before visiting the everglades with the hope of seeing alligators lurking in the dull river water. The countless malls will be another reason to go, where you can check out the multitude of stores and products on offer.

If culture is your thing, why not take a trip to the Greek islands. Steeped in ancient and medieval history, you can take a trip to the myriad of islands where multiple ancient ruins lay. The palace of knossos on Crete is a great place to start, followed by the Asclepion in Kos. The cuisine is great too, and the weather perfect, especially if you go during the summer months. You could even think about renting a yacht to visit the islands at your own pace. If a city break was more your thing then Athens offers all kinds of great museums and areas of interest like the Athenian Acropolis. The mainland holds other wonders too, like Delphi, a beautiful place to watch the sun rise or set up on a high craggy mountain top where the ancient Greek kings of old used to visit for divine direction.

The possibilities are endless. Choose one of these or come up with your own place to visit and make the best of. A change can broaden your horizons, inform you and give you the different holiday that makes your year special.

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