Helping Your Loved One in the Lead Up to Their Baby

If your loved one is expecting a little one – whether that’s your sibling, friend, colleague or anyone else – you may be wondering how you can help them in the lead up to this major change in their life. Sure, this may be their responsibility, but it’s a lot to take on and sometimes helping hands can really make all the difference – alleviating stress and making the whole experience much more pleasant. So, what can you do to help? Here are a few suggestions that you might want to try out?


A lot of people like to get some sort of gifts for their loved ones while they’re expecting. Whether this is something that you simply send from you to them, or something that you give to them at a baby shower. There are countless gifts out there that you could take into consideration. Here are some options.

Gifts for the Baby

You may want to get a gift that is for the baby. Things like sleepwear, clothes, bibs, toys, blankets, mobiles and more always tend to be well appreciated. If you buy clothes, you may want to check the parent’s preferences. A lot of people will gift items for a newborn. You may find that you’re better off buying larger sizes that the baby can grow into, rather than them having lots of clothes and then none by the time they’re a few months old.

Gifts for the parents

Another option is to try gifts that are designed to help the parents. Care kits can really go down a treat and help the parents to relax, or simply make life easier for them. This could be face masks, pregnancy pillows, favorite treats and snacks and more.


Knowing about things and sharing your knowledge can be great for soon to be parents too – especially if this is their first child. Try reading baby magazines, articles, websites and more to keep up to date with the latest developments in childcare. Something like knowing the Best Co-Sleepers and Cribs for your Baby in 2022 could come in really useful and your recommendations might even be taken on board. You could find general knowledge about things like baby first aid, toddler first aid, baby safety in the house and more can also make a big difference for your loved one.


Life is so much easier when you know that there’s somewhere there ready to support you. Make sure that your loved one knows that you are there for them at all times. This could vary from being there to chat over the phone to helping with things like trips to the hospital and scans. Acts like helping with cleaning or dropping off meals tend to be much appreciated when people are heavily pregnant too.

These are just three areas of focus for you to keep in mind if a loved one is expecting a little one in the near future. Hopefully, some can make a difference and help them in some way or another!

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