Same Day Loans From Zippa Loans

Struggling for cash, want a quick and easy way to get some money in your account on the SAME DAY? Look no further than Zippa Loans.

In 3 quick easy steps you can have the required amount you want to borrow into your bank account.

  1. Two Minute Application

    Choose the amount you would like to borrow and your chosen repayment period from monthly or weekly to suit your budget.

    Click apply to complete our straightforward application.

  2. Quick Decision

    The majority of our decisions are made by people and not computers so you may receive a call to request some more information as its important we take into account all the facts during the decision making process. You will receive an answer by text or e-mail on your application within 2 hours of us receiving within our office hours.

  3. Loan Issued

    Upon completion of your online loan agreement, funds will be transferred swiftly into your bank account on the same day. Of course, there are no silly fees for transferring your money.

Whether you need £100 or £500 you can borrow it from Zippa Loans today.  It’s so quick and easy to apply just tell them how much you need to borrow, how you want repay it weekly or monthly and over what length of time, anything from 12 – 32 weeks and it will be in your bank on the SAME DAY.

So how can Zippa supply the same amount of money and charge less interest than our competitors?

Below are some of the reasons and to see how we compare to our competitors click here.

  • Best Rates – We believe credit can and should be supplied at an affordable cost.
  • We are human! – Whilst we do run credit checks we also understand people’s circumstances change so we take time to look at every aspect of your application. We may phone you to chat over some points if we feel it will enable us to deliver a favourable outcome.
  • We don’t use brokers We deal directly with you.

So how does it work?

We supply loans that are repaid by continuous payment authority, which means after you have chosen the amount you would like to borrow and the repayment period your agreed payments are setup using your debit card.

Representative Example

Loan amount £200 repayable over 3 months.
Total amount repayable £280 in 3 payments of £93.33
Interest 160% p.a. fixed. Representative 677% APR

If I ever needed a loan I would be sure to use Zippa Loans.

Warning: Late repayments can cause serious money problems.
For help go to moneyadviceservices.org.uk

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