Awesome Cat Treats That Are Great For Feline Health

We all like to treat our pets every now and again, but let’s be honest – when it comes to buying gifts for the cat, not everything is particularly good for their health. There are plenty of exceptions, though, and that’s where our focus is going to lie today. Let’s take a look at some awesome, healthy treats you can give you your little kitty without any guilt attached whatsoever.

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A Scratching Post

Scratching cats can be a nightmare for owners, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the top behaviors displayed by the cats you find in rescue homes. Whether it’s table legs, upholstery, or any other kind of furniture, many cat lovers have a change of heart when they realize the damage that can be caused. But scratching is an instinct for your cats – and has plenty of health benefits. It’s great for claw health, allows them to stretch their joints and muscles, and it’s pretty good exercise, too – especially if you own a house cat. It also reduces their stress levels. So, the next time you head to your local pet store, pick up a scratching post for your cat. They will love it, it will keep them healthy, and it will save your furniture.

Cat Water Fountains

Come the spring and summer, your cat will start spending a lot longer outside. And just like humans, it’s essential for cats to keep themselves hydrated when the sun is beating down hard – especially as they are covered in a thick coat of fur. So, why not give your cat a pet water fountain and install it outside? Not only will they be able to drink whenever they like and keep themselves at a healthy level of hydration, but it’s also running water – which is healthier and nicer than a bowl of still water that can easily turn for the worst on a hot day.

Toy Mouse

Cats love to chase – and catch – mice. And if they don’t have a toy to play with, they will be much more likely to go outside and use their instincts to find one instead. So, get yourself one – or maybe even a few – to keep your cat entertained. If you are really feeling flush, you can get some awesome robotic mice these days, too, which will keep kitty exercising all day long. Also, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting a Roomba – cats love chasing them, and it will clean your floor at the same time!

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‘Agility’ Treats

Try to avoid overfeeding your cat with treats between meals. And if you do have to give them the occasional snack, why not turn it into a game? Combining treats with fun and fitness to give your cat’s brain and body a workout is a great combination. This is especially enjoyable – and important – for indoor cats. You can also hide treats from your favorite feline and make them work for it! Buy some food-dispensing toys, hide them all over the place, and allow the little kitty to hunt away as nature intended.

Homemade natural treats

If you do buy food treats for your cat, it’s always important to read the label. And when you start doing this, you will be surprised at the number of nasty surprises and additives that are in many of the big-name brands. You can always go organic when treating your pet, of course, but the cost of this type of treat will soon add up. So, why not make your own? Small bits of liver, eggs, or fish are all ideal, as long as you don’t overfeed them – and keep them exercising at the same time.

A fish tank

As every cat owner will tell you, our feline friends love nothing more than to start out of the window and watch the world go by. You can easily allow them to do it by leaving open the curtains, of course, but why not give them a little indoor ‘viewing’ by buying them a fish-filled tank? A lot of cats are fascinated by fish aquariums, and it’s excellent entertainment for them. And as we all know – a well-entertained cat is happy, and a happy cat is a healthy one!

So, there you have it, as you can see there are a huge array of options available. Sometimes it’s OK to give your cats treats – and in some cases, as you can see here, it’s even good for their health! What healthy treats do you give your cat? Share your experiences in the comments section below!

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