5 Awesome Ways To Add Practical Utility To Your Spare Room

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Just purchased your new dream property? Has your child flown the nest? Have you just finally de-cluttered all of the boxes in your storage room?

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with a spare room if you have already managed to do without it. There are absolutely ways that you can fill the space though, even for the smallest families. It might take a little investment in time, energy and funding, but properly considered, a spare room can transform your home life for the better, and even increase your property value.

Follow this list for some of the best ideas to apply to your new open space.

  1. A study/office.

Sometimes our careers need us to spend time at home researching the topics we are involved in. Maybe you’re a freelancer, or maybe you run a home business. Having an extra space can be a huge advantage here, especially if you have children.

It’s good to have a place where you can sit down and think free from distraction. In order to really make the most of this space, purchase and fit a large desk for all your working needs. A home seamstress would need more space than a freelance writer for example.

Also, make sure to fit your room with a comfortable chair. If you’re spending the tail end or majority of your workday in this room, your buttocks will thank you for providing a relaxing place to sit.

  1. A rec room.

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a space to entertain guests. If you don’t have an expansive outdoor area or the weather isn’t that good, having a recreation room is a nice throwback to a time where gentlemen and ladies would retire after their meal to discuss politics and enjoy a stiff drink. Modernising this room with parlour games could be a fun addition to your home, as well as serving as a talking point for future guests.

  1. A pet haven.

If you have a few dogs or something more exotic this could be very useful. Having a room dedicated to grooming, housing toys and keeping dog hair (as much as possible,) out of the rest of your house can be greatly beneficial when it comes to your weekly cleaning routine. This room could also serve as a useful place to keep a home aquarium or glass tank if you keep lizard. This will also make lighting setups much easier to assemble.

  1. A home gym.

Having a home gym really excludes the use of any excuse to work out in the future, and you’re much more likely to keep a schedule going when you’re less than a minute from your gym. If you’re filling the room with home gym equipment, be sure of the dimensions of the room before you purchase anything. If the room is upstairs, also be sure to consider the weight limit of the flooring, as you don’t want to throw down a heavy barbell and have it crash through to the kitchen.

  1. A spare bedroom.

This will be the most popular and practical item on the list. If your child has flown the nest and has a stable place to stay, why not transform it into a spare bedroom for any other familial guests that visit? All you might need to do is a simple redecoration. This is also great if your child has to return for any reason, or a parent might need to move in for caring reasons.

Remember, this is your chance to have fun with your new space. Make the most of it and this could be an engaging project to enjoy!

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