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5 Of The Best Home Improvement Ideas For 2018

A new year is an ideal time to pursue new challenges – and those can include revamping your home. In many ways, it can be a win-win situation – as, even if you sell your house soon after improving it, the enhancements could boost the home’s value and, thus, the money you get for it. 

However, particular improvements could be especially effective in enhancing what your residence offers – whether for you or someone who later takes the building off your hands. 

Install or restore period features 

Many people love to live in a building with period features. We don’t doubt that popular TV period dramas like Downton Abbey and Victoria have helped fuel this fascination – and you can take advantage of it by restoring period features that your home currently has.  

Mirror reports that buyers will shell out more for a residence with period features. Therefore, even if your home lacks them, shopping around for them could be worthwhile in the long run. 

Look after your garden 

If you don’t tend to prioritise keeping your garden in good condition, that outdoor space could have developed issues without you even realising. For instance, weeds could have emerged and the lawn and hedges could have overgrown.  

However, a garden that is well looked after can give the impression that this level of care extends to your overall home. No wonder a HomeSearch survey has revealed that your home’s value could grow by as much as 20% if the garden is well-maintained. 


Apply a fresh lick of paint 

There’s a possibility of thinking too hard about how to improve your home. Sometimes, all you need are paint, brushes, rollers and sandpaper. Yes, that’s right – a bit of painting! 

This can make your residence look not only newer, but also something of a blank canvas. This can appeal to potential buyers – who, when looking around the house, could more easily imagine how they might revamp the home’s appearance to suit their own preferences. 

black, color, paint

Banish any excess clutter 

Something else that can add to the “blank canvas” look of a home is getting rid of items that should really be neatly stored away, but instead have been left around the house in a more visibly haphazard fashion.  

Some of those items might need to be binned; others might more appropriately be placed in cupboards or drawers. Whatever you do with the clutter, don’t just leave it lying out in the open. 

Open up a space… perhaps with a folding door? 

Arranging for a home extension is a good example of a home improvement which, on reflection, you may realise would merely paper over the cracks. Perhaps the real issue is that you aren’t using your existing space efficiently enough.  

You could consider removing a wall to create a larger space. That wall could be replaced with a folding door that even opens out onto a garden, as Good Housekeeping highlights. At Bifold Shop, we can supply a bifold folding door that could be effectively used in this way. 

Tackling The Laundry With Persil Powergems | Review

I actually don’t mind washing, Is that wrong to say? Its’ the putting away and drying stage I hate the most and there never seems to be enough room in the house to get it dry.

Since becoming a first time mummy to Freddie, I thought I did alot of washing before when there was just me and my Husband but now my washing has literally exploded and more than doubled, not to mention the amount of clothes Freddie gets through in a day sometimes.  With a little help from Persil it makes the washing that little bit easier to cope.

I am not lying when I tell you I was genuinely excited to try out Persil’s all-new Powergems washing crystals.  As soon as you open the cap, you’re hit by the fresh scent of the green and white crystals. They smell so… clean and fresh.  We have never used persil before as my Hubby has sensitive skin, but will be sure to buy them again.

Persil Powergems are great and work wonders on Freddie’s and our tough to remove stains.  They leave the clothes smelling fresh with no visible stains in sight.  It also doesn’t leave any debris from the gems themselves on your clothes which I was a little worried about.

They are on the pricier side of what I would normally pay, starting at £5 for a 12-wash pack, £8 for a 19 wash pack and £11 for a 30 wash pack. We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if it’s ever on offer though.  I may only ever buy these when they are on offer.

  • I brought this product myself and loved it so much I wanted to share my experience with you.

Make Moving House A Breeze

A lot of people say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can go through. Everything from packing to waiting on a moving date can send people’s blood pressure soaring. And if anything goes wrong during the moving process, it can mean you have to start again from the beginning. However, there are some ways you can ease some of the stress. Therefore, here are some ways you can make moving house a breeze.

House, Keys, Key, The Door, Castle, The Background

Go with the right estate agent

Some of the blame for stressful moves lies with the estate agent. After all, they are meant to be keeping on top of the sale to ensure you can move as quickly as possible. So if they fall behind, you could end up waiting months before you move. Therefore, to ensure you don’t have a stressful move, you need to make sure you choose the right estate agent. Make sure you are happy with them at the start before you decide to let them sell your humble abode. Spend some time with them and ask them some questions. And you can also read up about what they are like as a seller online. After all, people tend to leave reviews, so you know what to expect. And if you feel like they are failing as an estate agent, do call them up and tell them your worries. If you can’t come to an agreement, you could leave that estate agent.

Find a good conveyancing lawyer

Another thing which can make moving house a stressful experience is the conveyancing lawyer. After all, they are the key to how long the whole moving process can take. For example, if they don’t send over paperwork quickly to the buyer, you will have to wait a long time before you get a moving date. The best thing you can do to ensure your moving home goes to plan is read up about conveyancing lawyers before you decide to move forward with them. A lot of the time estate agents will suggest some solicitors who they have worked with before. But you are welcome to go with your own choice if that one hasn’t got great reviews. And if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, you need to keep in touch with the lawyer. Try and ring or email them at least a couple times a week to find out the latest progress!

Get organised with packing

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving house. After all, it’s so easy to lose items in the move. In fact, a lot of movers admit they never find items again after moving house. However, packing doesn’t have to be stressful if you are organised in the first place. You need to start packing boxes per room in your house. It will make it much easier when trying to find all your belongings if you mark every box with what room and what’s inside the box. And if you haven’t got time to pack, you could get a moving company to do it for you. They will pack your items and move them safely to your new home.

And remember to keep on top of your funds when you are moving house. After all, you will have a lot to pay for when the sale goes through.

The Stress Free Guide To Creating The Perfect Bathroom


The bathroom in any home is one of those rooms that just adds value to property. So it goes without saying that something freshly remodelled or looking modern is going to bring in the big payday. However, remodeling and decorating your home, no matter what room it is, has it’s fair share of stress and worry. Not to mention how long these things can take when doing them yourself. Which is why I thought I would share with you a stress free guide to creating your perfect bathroom. Whether you are selling or staying, you won’t be disappointed.

Get the plumbers in to do the hard work

Anything to do with pipework is going to be a tricky project for someone with no experience. So save yourself the stress and call in the professionals. Even if you are aware of all the Bathroom Lingo why make things harder on yourself? The professionals can do a speedy and thorough job. Which means you get your brand spanking new bathroom in half the time, without the sore back as evidence. On a serious note, pipework and plumbing are things that you don’t want to get wrong. Avoid future disasters and save yourself the grief.

Plan your budget before work commences

It’s important to plan your budget before you take on any work. This ensures you know exactly what you have to spend and provides you with a foundation for a plan to move forward with the project. A budget isn’t suppose to be a negative topic of conversation; it enables you to stick within affordable parameters to get the job done.

Have a contingency fund in place

It’s essential to not only know your budget but to also have a contingency fund in place. This is for those unforeseen emergencies that are likely to crop up when you least expect them to. It means you don’t eat into your budget and you have the funds ready to correct the problem. This can be one of the biggest stresses of any project, so keep things simple and have emergency funds ready for when disaster strikes.

Stick with something neutral that stands the test of time

Sometimes we can think a particular colour is great, or choose something a little out of the ordinary and assume it is modern and funky. But will your design choices stand the test of time? The last thing anyone wants to do is redo a job that should last a few years, just because you made an error in judgement. Stick with neutral colours and a white bathroom suite. Ensuring your bathroom stands the test of time.

Make arrangements for when the bathroom is out of action

Finally, a bathroom can be a lengthy job, so make sure you have provisions in place. This is when your neighbours can come in handy. Having somewhere to shower or even relieve yourself when the toilet is being plumbe can be a lifesaver. Don’t get caught short.

I hope these tips help you on your way to a stress free bathroom update.

Incredible Upgrades You’ll Want For Your Home

As a homeowner, you probably take a lot of pride in your property. Owning your own home also buys you a lot of freedom to customise your house to suit your tastes and your lifestyle. It’s also an investment for your future. Over time, you will owe less and less. And your property will increase in value. It’s also the place where you raise your family. It will be the setting for some of the most treasured memories you’ll collect over your lifetime.

Of course, there will also be plenty of opportunities to make your house into that little sanctuary away from the bustle of the world. You may want to indulge and add those little luxuries that we all love from time to time. If you’re looking to upgrade parts of your home, why not try some of these amazing ideas:

Luxury Bathroom Fittings

Lots of people rip out the bathroom when they move into a new house. It feels weird using the facilities in your own home when you know the previous owners have been in there! But over time, you may feel like adding some extra special features to your bathroom. Jacuzzi baths have become increasingly popular as ways to relax and soak away the day. You can even choose a P-shaped one so you can still enjoy the shower over the bath.

A complete luxury bathroom should benefit from a bidet facility, like the ones at Aquarius Hygiene. You may not have to worry about finding extra space. And it can be a highly desirable addition to the family bathroom. Do you have space for a shower enclosure? Why not consider upgrading the facility to include interactive lighting, a sound system, and touch panel screen? Luxury!


There is no doubt that there are many health benefits to be enjoyed from having a sauna. A family sauna needn’t take up much space. They’re not nearly as difficult to maintain or keep clean as you think. Some can be installed without the need for electrical fittings. Or you may prefer a high-end sauna complete with sound speakers and lighting effects.

Filtered Water Taps

Installing a filtered water tap in your kitchen could provide you with the purest drinking water you ever tasted. And if you’re always battling your kettle to keep the scum off the surface of your tea this could be the answer. A boiling filtered water tap provides pure boiling water at the turn of a handle. It is energy efficient too. There is no waiting for it to reach temperature. So throw out your kettle, and enjoy a perfect cup of tea.

Underfloor Heating

More of us are enjoying the beauty of tiles and solid wood flooring. But in the winter, we feel constantly wrapped up with socks. Underfloor heating keeps the floors at a lovely temperature just right for bare feet. And it can free up your wall space as you’ll no longer need those wall radiators.

There are plenty of little indulgences you can add to your home. Or you may choose to upgrade an entire room. What will you improve today?

Be Smart About Maintenance To Keep Your Property’s Value High

As a homeowner, the maintenance of your property is your responsibility. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of not keeping on top of their maintenance, but this is a big mistake and one that you don’t want to make. The truth is, a property’s value isn’t just about its location or size, it’s also about how well maintained it has been.

If you let your home get into a bad state and don’t keep on top of repairs and updates, should you want to sell, the value won’t be as high as it could be. That’s why it’s so important to make an effort to keep on top of things, and if you can’t, hire someone who can. Being smart about your home’s maintenance is essential if you want it to hold it’s value.

Want to know what areas of home maintenance it’s most important to focus on? Then, keep reading as all is about to be revealed.

Exterior inspection

The first thing to know is that exterior inspection of your home is just as important as keeping an eye on the inside, if not more so. The truth is, a lot of us leave the exterior of our homes when it comes to maintenance because it’s more tricky to check and deal with. If you’re not able to make checks yourself, hire a contractor who can. As for what you should be checking, the most important things are the foundations for any cracks, the roof for any damage, and any window or door seals. There’s also garden maintenance, such as lawn mowing and de-weeding, but this isn’t as crucial. Don’t have a green thumb? Why not hire a gardener to deal with your garden maintenance needs?

Checking appliances

There appliances inside your home that will be left when you move house, such as the boiler for example. It’s important to ensure that all household appliances that come with the house are well maintained and cared for. It’s also important to keep an eye on the features, like the water system, electrics, and so on. For instance, your electrics should be checked by a qualified electrician once every couple of years. Or, for example, plumbers recommend that your boiler should be serviced once a year. By keeping up with home maintenance, you can ensure that not only do appliances last longer. But also that they’re in a great condition when (or if) you chose to sell up.

Keeping up to date with updates

Don’t make the mistake of skimping on home updates because of the cost. Of course, there’s no need to redecorate every year to keep up to date with all the newest trends. However, it’s important to update any decor when it starts to look old or worn. It’s amazing how much a property’s decor can reduce its value. So if you want to ensure that your home is as valuable as possible, keep up to date with home updates. Your home will look beautiful and will be worth more.

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful for keeping your property’s value as high as possible.

Prestige Flowers – Review

I absolutely love flowers.

I have had quite a few different kinds over the years from family and friends and most recently when I had to go into hospital for a minor operation, I came home to some lovely flowers – they really do change your mood and make the house look extra special not forgetting the aromas they give off.

When prestigeflowers got in contact with me saying they were sending me a bouquet to review.

I was sent the gorgeous “Paris Bouquet”.  which can be ordered from this link below

They came packaged very well and carefully.

My Beautiful Bouquet

With Memory Lane roses, divine deep water roses complimented with fragrant oriental lilies, astrantia and forest fresh eucalyptus it is the perfect bouquet for all occasions.

I put the bouquet in the lounge on the fireplace.

The vase was also included
I absolutely love roses and lilies so was a perfect combination for me.

With the flowers I got a lovely little card.

IMG_6096 IMG_6097

I got my flowers delivered on a Wednesday 8th June, they arrived by 11am.

  • Next Day Delivery (7 days a week) – £5.80 (when ordered before 9pm* 5pm on Saturday for Sunday delivery and *2pm
  • Saturday Delivery – £5.80
  • Sunday for Monday delivery)
  • Premium Sunday Delivery – £7.99
  • UK Same Day Delivery – £6.90 (when ordered before 3pm)

The Paris bouquet I received is £35.50 for the “Standard”. It gorgeous! I’ve had the flowers a week now & they still look really fresh.The fragrance that the flowers give out just fills the room.  You are supplied with flower food.

Whenever I order flowers in the future now I would defiantly order from Prestige the services was fantastic and the quality is excellent.

* Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of the review however all thoughts and opinions are my own

Increase Home Eco-Efficiency To Save Massive Amounts Of Money!

One of the best things about buying a house is that you can kiss the stress of paying rent goodbye. Sure, you probably still have mortgage repayments, but these are going to be a lot more manageable. They are probably a fraction of what you were paying in rent each month. This means that you should have a lot of money free once you’ve bought a home or property and it belongs to you. That should be the case, but it doesn’t always happen. Usually, people end up losing a fortune on energy bills. Typically, that’s because their home isn’t setup for high levels of efficiency.

You might think to get an efficient home you need to buy a house with a high-efficiency rate in the first place. Not true. Most homes have two energy grades. One is the energy efficiency level it’s making in it’s current state. The second is the potential energy efficiency level. You should aim to get as close to the potential as possible. If you do this, you’re going to save a lot of money on your home.

Boiler Inspection

The first thing to do is to get your boiler inspected by a professional. If you’re spending a fortune on heating your home, there’s an excellent chance that there’s a problem with your boiler. If your boiler is using a lot of energy, it might be damaged. Once it’s repaired, you’ll probably find that your energy usage reverts to normal. If it’s still quite high, there are other things you can do. But you should get your boiler checked at least once a year.


You can think about improving the home insulation. One possibility on how to do this is to look into double glazing windows. You can replace older windows with PVC double glazing. Arguably, this is the best form of window insulation on the market right now. It will trap warm air in the home while still letting cold air out. This is going to prevent condensation or mould developing around or on the window. Replacing your windows can be expensive so make sure you look online for the best deal that you can find. But, you also need to know that you’re using a company for the installation that you can trust.

Better Tech

You might think that you’re saving money by not bothering to upgrade your TV every few years. But actually, you’re probably losing more than you’re saving. Older televisions have higher energy usage than modern sets. That’s true for most tech devices in your home. It’s why upgrading your tech could ultimately save you a fortune in the long run.


Newer televisions use less energy because they are powered by LED displays. LED lights provide powerful displays but use very little energy. That’s why modern TVs are so thin because they don’t need a cooling system to stop them overheating. But LEDs aren’t just found in TVs. You can buy LED bulbs for every area of your home. It’s a cheap and friendly light source that will quickly lead to massive savings.

Hopefully, you will find these tips helpful when making your home more eco-friendly.

The Unsung Benefits Of Renting

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have noticed that house prices continue to soar. As a result, more and more people are asking whether they should just keep renting indefinitely. After all, most people don’t want to be saddled with a huge mortgage. And even if they do, they know that there’s a chance they won’t be able to pay it back.

On the plus side, renting has improved a lot over the last couple of decades. Rental properties are now of a much higher quality than they used to be. And they tend to be cheaper than buying a house outright.

No Big Down Payment

Big down payments are the bane of property-seekers’ lives. They have to spend years saving up a big lump of money, making all kinds of sacrifices. But for renters, the burden is much smaller. The average deposit on a rental agreement is about one and a half times the monthly rental cost. That means that renting is both affordable and easy to do. Plus, once you leave rented accommodation, you get your deposit back (provided you didn’t trash the place).

Fixed Rent

Fluctuating prices are a big issue for many homeowners. Mortgage interest rates can go up and as well as down. Taxes on properties that you own can vary too. And it all means that managing a mortgage can be difficult. Renting, however, is far easier. Prices are fixed right at the start of the contract. And though landlords may increase the rent between contract periods, you can plan for this.

It’s Easy To Move

Moving to a house is a big ordeal. In fact, it’s so complicated a transaction that you need lawyers, surveyors and estate agents to make it happen. That means a lot of paperwork and a lot of hassle.

But renting is far easier. The only question you really have to ask when renting is: “is there an estate agents near me?” The rest is quite straightforward.

No Taxes

In many countries property taxes are sky high. That means that homeowners often have to fork out large sums of money, especially if their homes go up in value.

Plus, property tax law tends to be overwhelmingly complicated. Homeowners often have to shell out on accountants fees. Renters, of course, don’t face this risk. All of the burdens of organizing taxes gets passed onto the landlord.

Easy To Downsize

The great thing about renting is that you’re never locked into renting a single place for a long period of time. Whereas the cost of moving home is enormous, the cost of taking on a new rent is generally low. Usually, it’s just the cost of the estate agent’s fees, plus the deposit if you’re renting for the first time.

Final Words

Although you may ultimately want to own your own house, it’s important to know that you’re not necessarily worse off renting. Of course, it’s not just a financial calculation at the end of the day. It’s about quality of life too. And this is where renting can shine.

5 Good Reasons Why All Parents Should Buy A Shed

Sheds don’t have just to be for storing your garden equipment. I’ve seen some spectacular and creative examples of some amazing sheds in the past few months. And, if you are a parent, they can be so valuable for a variety of reasons.

So, today, I’m going to go through some of the reasons why you should consider building a shed in your garden. While some people see them as an eyesore, if you can see past the effect it has on your garden landscape, it has plenty of uses. Let’s take a closer look.

Instant home for garden toys

I don’t know about you, but I have spent hours at a time cleaning up after children in the backyard. Kids just love playing outside – but tidying up seems to be beyond them in many cases! A shed is a perfect place to store all their toys and keep them in excellent condition. No more sun damage and discolouration of plastics. No more slugs and woodlice using your children’s toys as a hidey-hole. And, a place to tidy everything away and keep your garden safe and looking great.

A home office

Work from home? It’s more common than ever these days, but it can be a nightmare when the kids are around. If you have the space in your home for a spare room to double as an office, then think yourself lucky. If you don’t, however, think about getting a shed in the garden and turning it into an office. You’ll need to make sure it is sealed up and safe from damp – some specialist shed paint from the likes of Paints 4 Trade should do the trick. Then, it’s just a case of calling an electrician to wire up some power points for you. Sure, there’s an expense involved, but it’s far cheaper than what you will pay to move to a bigger home with more rooms.

A bedroom for visitors

One thing you will notice straight away when you have kids is that don’t have a lot of room for overnight guests. It’s a shame, particularly if you are a sociable and friendly family. So, why not think about turning your shed into a guest room? Get some heating in there, seal everything up as described above, and convert it into a quiet little retreat for your guests.

Games room

Are your kids getting older? If so, why not turn a shed into their games room? You will win on two different levels. First of all, your teens will have a place to relax, and it helps give them some independence. Secondly, it will give you the chance to start getting some of their mountains of stuff out of the main living area. I don’t know a parent out there that is looking forward to that day!

A summer house

If you like spending time in the garden as a family, then why not double up your shed as a summer house? It’s the perfect excuse to spend more time in the sun – while protecting you from it when those UV rays are at their peak.