Meal Planning Mondays 09/07/2018

What a weekend, we are exhausted!! 

Well we made it and beat Sweden butts on Saturday which is something, I’m not a football person but glad we are through.  We watched the game over at ours in the garden with all our family and friends as we were celebrating our little boys 1st Birthday as well.   

We are still tidying up after a mad weekend and are eating leftovers from that.   

Paprika Chicken, Rice and Salad 

Jacket Potatoes, Beans, Cheese and Salad 

Baked Salmon with salad 

Sausages, mash, veg & gravy 

Chilli & Chips 

Omelette & salad 

Chicken Stir fry with egg noodles 

What on your plate? 

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