Interior Designing – Our home where the story began

Since before I owned my own house and were even looking for a house I had my perfect house set out in my head, what sort of furniture and colour schemes I wanted, what sort of layout I wanted it e.g. wanted separate lounge, but didn’t mind kitchen/diner. I wanted a 3 bedroom house (forward thinking for when starting a family), didn’t mind about the garden size but wanted some sort of garden as have got green fingers so like spending sunny days doing a bit of digging and planting seeds and flowers to add a bit of colour.

So after a couple of years of searching for houses we finally found one and it pretty much ticked every box in my head, it consisted of entrance hallway, leading to Lounge and then off to kitchen/diner, in the kitchen there was a separate room which was called the coal house but I have turned it into the laundry room adding a work top for extra storage, and an under stairs cupboard which we are having turned into a pantry as it is a really useful space to have. 

When it came to deciding the decor I already knew what colours I wanted in each room.

Lounge: – Creams and browns with a feature wall I wanted it warm and Inviting especially when it is winter time so you can feel warm when it is snowing out.


Kitchen/Diner: – In Creams, Purple and Chrome colours

Our Bedroom: – Neutral with feature wall where it will be warm and cosy where you can curl up any time of day

Bedroom 3:- Magnolia, Clean and neutral for any visitors/family to stay and feel cosy.


Bedroom 2:- Magnolia – Currently this is my craft room where I make my handcrafted cards and accessories

Since owning the house I have become very house proud, everything has its own place, and I certainly like it kept neat, tidy and clean. Most of all I love my family and friends coming over.

We have had the house 12 months now and there is still lots of little bits to do in it and if we ever want to change the colours and styles it will be easy to do so as we have kept it neutral.

What is your colour schemes in your house?

Our Holiday to Turkey – Antalya

We all want to go on holiday abroad to make memories and experience the feeling of flying on a plane and visiting different place around the world.

So at the beginning of the year me and my fiancé decided that we were going to look into booking our summer holiday for 2015.  After just moving into our first home December 2014 we weren’t sure if we would be in a financial position to be able to afford to go away.

We spoke to friends of ours and the four of us decided to go together, we got together at weekends and sat down and looked at various locations, looked on and visited travel agents, checked out Thomson and Thomas cook websites at several different places we fancied going to and we were really pleased when we found a really good deal on a holiday to Turkey, Antalya.

Me and my fiancé had never been to Turkey before but the friends we were going with had, and said it is a lovely place to visit.

We found a lovely adults only hotel that was 5 star called Flora Gardens, it consisted of little wooden shallots all over the complex.




We decided to go all inclusive for a week. We flew out on Saturday 15th August till Saturday 22nd August.

When we finally arrived after the hour and half transfer from airport to hotel, we couldn’t see much as it was late and dark. We got taken through to a VIP lounge in the hotel to have a quick chat with the hotel staff of the general do’s and dont’s, we were handed a cocktail too while we waited, then after we were taken to our room and our cases were brought shortly after to us.

We had an amazing time starting off with just chilling my the pool for the first couple of days. The weather was fantastic to us all the way through hitting highs of around 38/40 degrees with a slight sea breeze.

We went out on two excursions one to side by night on the Tuesday evening and the other to Manavgat where we saw a beautiful waterfall which ran for miles, a textiles store and a market a bit like Wellsbourne but 10 times bigger. Both excursions included a 3 course meal.



Our hotel also had a little area where it was a peace, quiet and a relaxing area which was known as “Flora Zen Garden” it was filled with lots of beautiful flowers and had a pond with lots of beautiful koi carp fish with lots of different colours and sizes,  was also lucky enough to see some lizards.

DSCN0326 DSCN0330 DSCN0331

There is lots to do and visit in Turkey unfortuantly we didnt get to visit it all but would plan to go for longer than a week next time and see more as it is such a beautiful place.

I would recommend anyone who hasn’t visited Turkey to go and visit it 100%.

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Homemade Wax Tarts

Who likes candles?

Well I love Yankee candles, or any candles for that matter. I got given my first set of small sampler Yankee candles for an engagement present 2 years ago and the obsession grew from that day. I just love the smell of all the different aromas and sizes you can buy.

Here is my collection


My favourite has to be Beach Flowers.

I don’t like waste at the best of times so when my first Yankee candle finally stopped burning but there was still lots of wax in the bottom I was certainly not going to just throw it away, so I was trying to find ways of not wasting it, so when my friend found a little trick to not waste the remaining candles I was over the moon.

Here is what I did and they are so easy to make and do:

1) Crush the candle up in the jar


2) Put the jar with the remaining candle in a jug of boiling hot water and leave to melt, stiring  slowly.


3) Then pour the liquid carefully into cupcake cases, Caution as jar will be hot


4) Leave to set and then remove from cases, you can then put them on a burner with a small candle underneath and wait for the aromas to surround you.


You could even save up lots of left overs and mix different ones together and experiment.

Have you got a favourite Yankee Candle Scent?

Bakers Ross

I contacted BakerRoss by email as my sister in Law at Parenthoodhighs andLows has previously worked with them in the past and I thought I would see what they had to offer to a small business like myself.  I was pleased with the results I got after I approached them.

The main products I think are aimed at children but they do a few for adults crafts

The products I was sent to review were:

Self adhesive satin ribbon bows – EV5902 (pack of 72) RRP £2.99

Pastel gem self adhesive strips – AF241 (pack of 36) RRP £2.99

Coloured card blanks – AF358  (pack of 12) RRP £2.99

Spring patterned card paper pack – EF725 (pack of 25 sheets) RRP £5.99

Self adhesive satin gem flowers – E8826 (pack of 60) RRP £2.99

Bow buttons – EF552 (pack of 160) RRP £1.49


The prices of all products are very reasonable and I would recommend friends and family member with kids to try out some of their products as they have wide variety to offer and lots of different things to make.

The backing paper has to be my favourite thing that I was sent to review , it is double sided so you can stick it down whichever way you want and mix and match it which is great when trying to create a unique card for a special occasion.

*I was sent these product free from the company for my honest and unbiased opinions.

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Have you bought your own house?

Last year, my fiancé of 7 years, Tom, and I decided to buy our first home together. We had been looking for 12 months for our perfect property, and actually lost count of how many we viewed. As both sets of parents live locally, we wanted to stay within a reasonable distance from them.

Buying a property is stressful, exciting and expensive but it is all worth it in the end.  Eventually, after months of searching on Rightmove, Zoopla and local estate agents, we found a house that we really liked. We viewed it about 3 times before making any decisions, taking our parents with us to get their opinion.

Luckily, both my dad and uncle are surveyors, so they were able to give it a once over before we decided to make an offer. It took hours to decide on a figure, and when we finally did put an offer in, it seemed like ages before we got a response. We were so shocked when our offer was accepted a few days later! Then all the hard stuff started; organising a solicitor, a surveyor, house insurance… I never realised how much there was to do when buying a house!

Eventually, after a very long and stressful 4 and half months, we finally exchanged contracts and completed and were able to sign for the keys the following week. It was such as relief to get those keys in our hands. IMG_1697

Sadly, it didn’t all finish there as we had to have building work done in the kitchen before we could move in as the main RSJ beam had to be replaced. IMG_1732

We also found out that we had bad wiring. Having the whole house rewired took a further 1 month, but eventually we moved in to our new home on the 8th December, just in time for Christmas.

Have you bought a house? I would love to hear your first home stories!

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Ever since I was a little girl, loved making things and being creative. Nothing changed as I got older, and as I got more creative and started to get into card making, I would spend my pocket money buying craft kits and accessories, 8 years on, and I still love every minute of it. I have started expanding into wedding stationery, designing and creating wedding invitations and making bespoke wedding stationery for friends that are getting married. IMG_3691

These are the invitations I did for my friends wedding a couple of years ago. IMG_3697[1]

At home, I have my own little craft room where I go for a few hours to get creative by making cards for all occasions. This below is my craft room. Everything is organised into sections so I find it easily when I get a creative moment.   IMG_3689

I love coming up with new designs and ideas for cards using all sorts of different materials to create something truly unique. IMG_3692[1]

However, making handmade cards can be a very expensive hobby, and I wouldn’t know where to start working out how much money I have spent buying products over the past 8 years. Despite this, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

*What are your hobbies and how long have you been doing it for?

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Stix 2 Anything – Product Review

I was given another oppourtunity to try some more products from a company called Stix2anything they arranged to send me a magazine out and asked me to pick around 20 or so products out of it which I would like to trial and test.  You can find all their products online to at the above website link.

I chose to try the following products out:

Scallop square cream & plain white S57285 & S57284
Die cut card shapes white heart S57325
Scallop oval plain white & cream S57288 & S57289
Varieties of satin ribbon
Clear foam pads S57126
Craft pads circles S57255
Metric layer perfect S57321
Variety of paper and card
Quick stix glue stick S57096
Border lined tape Silver S57030
Ivory card and envelopes
Embossed A4 card


I love backing paper and I am always searching the internet for freebies online to print off, so choosing some products myself was great because I picked a selection of card and paper of all different colours and style, glittered, stardust, pearlscent and Gingham which will make cards stand out and effective.

My favourite product that I was sent has to be the Metric Layer perfect because you can do anything with it, like Matting and layering, drawing circles and curves, positioning gems, buttons, brads and pearls.

The products from Stix2anything are all great quality and you get a lot for your money.  I have never purchased any craft products from Stix2anything but after this experience I certainly would and will recommend them to others.

* I received these products free off the company for my honest and unbiased review and feedback

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Wedding Ever After – Do Crafts

I was approached by docrafts to review and test some of the new range of “Wedding Ever After” products that are due to be offically launched to the public in August 2015.

It was a great feeling to be able to trial and test out their new products before it goes on the market.


In the bundle I received the following items below:

  • 1 pack of 5 x 7 textured white cards and evelopes (20pack) RRP £2.99
  • 1 xcut embossing folder (6×6) RRP £5.00
  • 2 x small square buckle sliders (25pcs per pack) RRP £11.95
  • 1 x Satin Ribbon Roses (100pcs per pack) RRP £6.95
  • 1 x Jumbo Crochet Trim (10m) RRP £6.95
  • 1 x Organza Ribbon Wedding Silver (10m)RRP £2.00
  • 1 x Satin Ribbon Wedding Grey (10m) RRP £2.00
  • 1 x Velvet Ribbon Wedding Gold (10m)RRP £2.00

I was very excited about trying out their new products as I am trying to organise my big day.

The product were all of high quality and they were all easily storable.  I have brought plenty of do crafts products in the past and I would definitely recommend any crafters to try them out.

It can take time to come up with ideas of what type and design of cards to make but with the products I was sent out I created this card using the Satin ribbon Roses and the Silver trim, I had also downloaded some wedding backing paper which I used to add effect to the card before I used double sided sticky pads to decoupage the image to make it stand out.


It’s a delicate and simple yet effective to the eye design

* I received these product free of charge for my honest and unbiased feedback.

* All the cards I make can be purchased. (Please enter your PayPal Account or Merchant ID on the settings pages.)

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