Mission Burrito Food Review

IMG_6648My fiance & me love mexican food, we’re always cooking and eating it at home, so when we were invited for food at mission burrito at Brindley Place we couldn’t wait.

It’s not your average place as it is mix between a restaurant and a cafe, you don’t have a menu to look at, but there are boards above telling you what your options are.  It’s all homemade food and you get to pick everything yourself to make up your own burritos.


This was the selection of food you can choose from.  There were 3 meats (chicken, beef and pork plus a veggie option), rice, salad, beans and then a selection of sauces, they were filled with everything and It is all homemade so they know exactly what’s in it.


There were other options to choose from if you don’t like burritos.

IMG_6644 IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_6647

The pictures doesn’t show how big and full this burrito is but it was delicious.  I struggled to hold it and keep it together and eventually it gave up and all fell apart.  They are quite messy to eat but amazing.

We were also given “Nachos Grande” which were delicious, I love nachos and these were loaded full of lots of amazing fillings.


Along with food, I got given a Margarita Cocktails, which are also made on site, It’s not my normal sort of cocktail that I would go for, I’m more a Cosmopolitan type of girl but it was lovely.


Where did “mission burrito” originate from?

Our love affair with burritos started over a decade ago when we lived in San Francisco. We developed a border line burrito obsession in the Mission Districts taquerias. Unable to fuel our addiction back in the UK we quit our day jobs and set up Mission Burrito.  You can read more about their background from here.

The decorations on the wall were just stunning.  There’s a map of San Francisco upstairs and name places on the wall down stairs.

IMG_6652 IMG_6656

The staff that were working and served us were friendly and really helpful, a massive thank you to Hayley & Moween for the great service provided.

It was delicious food and I would go back again.

* We were given one free meal & drinks free for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My First Year of Blogging

My blog is 1, where has the time gone!

Well where do I start?

I originally started up my blog as “KimzKardz” to try to help me with my handcrafted cards and wedding stationery and after speaking to friends and family to see if it was a good idea.  At the beginning I got a little help from a few business with sending me products etc but nothing that was life changing unfortunately. After thinking long and hard whether it had been the right decision I had a brain wave and decided a few months down the line to change the name to allow a more open aired name to shine through and move into Lifestyle Blogging, there I then created and came up with the name “Life of an Auntie”. Why I hear you ask yourself?!….Because I am an auntie to 4 beautiful boys who I have watched grow over the years and who I love very dearly, so thought it suited me perfectly.

Well what a year it has been so far it has had lots of lows but plenty of highs as well.  It has been a very mixed emotional year but it is defiantly on its way up now.  I have still got a long way to go to get more traffic and build up my blog more but I am working hard to get more established with lots of different companies etc.

12 months on and I’ve just brought my new domain, exciting times.  It is something that takes a lot of time and consideration to make sure your making the right decision.  I may then change it again when I start a family so it involves my family more rather than just my nephews so can combine everything together.

Working full-time as well can sometimes make it difficult for me to keep on top of all the posts I have to write up which is why I don’t post very regularly in a week it’s all over the place, but I’m hoping now that I know what I’m doing and where I’m going the next year will see lots of improvements.

My aim for the next 12 months is:

  • Get more views to my page
  • Work with more wide range of companies
  • Attend more blog events
  • Meet more bloggers
  • Post more in a week
  • Try and do more collaborative & Guest post
  • Get involved in more linkies

I love writing about products and sharing my thoughts and opinions and without you guys reading my posts and getting involved in competitions I wouldn’t have been able to continue, So thank you for all your support it means a lot.

What made you start blogging?  Leave me a link to your blog in the comments box would love to have a browse and make some new friends. 

A – Z Of Kim Palmer


I haven’t done this sort of post before and I thought it would be a great way to share things about the person behind the blog that you probably wouldn’t find out otherwise. It’s basically an A-Z of all things me…

A is for Animals

As many of you will already know I have always had a mad love for animals and have grown up with a variety of different pets, Hamster, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and now our Dog.  You can read more about my Pets Here.

B is for Bridesmaids

The begining of the year me and My fiance finally set a date to tie the knot and get married.  Then was the task of trying to decide who I wanted as Bridesmaids, after a long while of thinking I decided on, one of my best friends Zoe to be my maid of Honour, and a further 3 bridesmaids who were my other best friend Alexandra, My sister in Law Rachel & my Cousin Natalie.  They were all so excited when I presented then with a little box with a little note in, a personalised glass and a bottle of prosecco to ask them, they didn’t have a clue.

C is for Card Making

For a number of years now I have been making handcrafted cards for all occasions.  I make Baby Cards, Birthday Cards, Wedding Day cards and many more check out my cards and designs Here

D is for Dog

Most of our friends and family knows that last year me and my fiance rehomed a dog from a family friend who could no longer look after her.  Her name is Carly and she is a 4 year old Rottweiler and is just beautiful and the biggest softest you will ever meet.  All she ever wants is fuss and attention.


E is for Engaged

3 years ago me and my fiance got engaged and it was the happiest day of my life.  It was our anniversary and we had gone away for the weekend.  It was a complete shock but was amazing.  You can read all about it here.

F is for Fiancee

2 years ago I was very surprised by my boyfriend when he popped the question whilst we were away for a weekend for our anniversary.  We have been together 7 years and next year 2017 we are getting married.  Ekkkk so excited.

G is for Garden

I have always loved gardening too, and since moving into our own house nearly 2 years ago our garden was plain, over grown and needed TLC so we have started adding some colour.  Top photo is before, Bottom is after.

H is for Hospital

A few years ago I took myself to A&E after going over on my ankle whilst playing football in the park with my nephew, I found out I had a hairline fracture and was put in Plaster.  My ankle has never been the same since.

I is for Inked

Another word for tattoos… Yes I have 2 one on my lower back and another on my foot.  My lower back didn’t hurt but my foot did, quite bad.

J is for Jobs

I have had quite an array of jobs over the years including: A Paper round, Argos, Boots, Iceland, vet pratices and so many more… but am sticking within Admin now.

K is for Kimberley

I was christened with the name Kimberley but I much prefer to be called Kim, some of my friends and family call me Kim, Kimmie & Kimbo or even Kimbee but that’s fine by me as long as it’s not Kimberley.

L is for Little

As most people will know I am a bit of a short arse, just reaching 4ft 11″ tall.  I don’t mind my height all the time but sometimes can be a struggle.

M is for Marriage

YES next year July 17  me and my Fiance Tom of 7 years will be tieing the knot.  I am super excited and can’t wait but have got so much to organise and decide on.

Me & My Fiance
N is for Never Ending Story

The Never Ending Story was one of my childhood favourite films to watch of all times.  My Grandma introducted it to me and I’ve watched it hundreds of time and will never get bored of watching it.

O is for October

For those of you that know me you know how super crazy October is with Birthdays, The months starts off with mine, my fiance’s, My sister in law Rachels, herfamilys.  Fair to say it is a very expensive month all round but none stop partying and celebrating partner Graham’s, and our nephew.  Then not forgetting more friends and .  The best people were born in October!

P is for Pets

All my life I have loved animals and have had all sorted of differents pets, you can read all about them here

Q is for Quiz

Pub quizzes?  Love them even if we never win.  We’ve been to quite a few over the years with friends, they are great but have never won anything.

R is for Rabbits

As a child I always wanted a pet rabbit along with many other pets.  Then one day a friend has a little black Rabbit who had been found as a stray at 3/4 weeks old with a poorly eye has he had been brought in my a cat they think.  I then offered to rehome him and get him back to good health.  I started with 1, then got a friend for Christmas, called Smudge, she sadly had to be put to sleep, I then rehome another female bunny called Pumkin, who a week after having her gave birth to little Autumn.  Then Sadly Pumpkin died so Ive got just 2 rabbits left.


S is for Suits

Suits is a TV series me and my partner have been watching and has us hooked…If you haven’t heard of it or watched it, find it and watch it now you won’t be disappointed.

T is for Turkey

Last year me and my fiance went on holiday with one of my best friends and her Boyfriend to Turkey.  It was absolutley scorching hot hitting highs of 40 degrees most days but was an amazing holiday.


U is for University

I always thought I wanted to go to university after leaving school to study but I never did, I don’t regret it but think I would of liked to now.

V is for Veterinary

When I was younger I always had the dream of becoming a veterinary nurse, so I went to college to train and gained experienced in a vet practice, but sadly decided it was not the right job for me.  It was such a difficult job to deal with.

W is for Wales

As I was growing up my Grandparents had a house in Twywn, Wales, so every holiday I used to go over with my Mum, Dad and sister and all my cousins.  I used to love going Rock pooling and walking along the beach and spent hours in the arcades playing on the 2p machines.

X is for X-Rays

This ties in with my hospital post a litte, as I’ve never had x rays before until I had a fracture in my right ankle then when I was diganosed with a knee issue to try and find out what was the problem.

Y is for Yankee Candles

I am in love with any candles but especially Yankee Candles, the fragrance etc is just amazing but they are very expensive so I tend to only treat myself when theres a sale on somewhere.

This was just a small collection of mine.
Z is for Zoo

A few weeks back I was given the opportunity to go to Twycross zoo for a Blog review and have hands on experience feeding their 3 male giraffes that are fairly new, It was an incrediable experience and they are such amazing creatures.  You can read all about my time at Twycross Zoo Here.

Have you posted an A-Z post? I’d love to see it!

Bio Oil Review & Giveaway

I’m not a very self conscious person, well not all the time, but things have since changed when I had to go into hospital and have a little operation to fit an Insertable Cardiac monitor in my chest,  It didn’t leave a massive scar but it did leave a scar big enough where everyone can see it, unless I wear high neck tops which I don’t want to have to do.

Every person is different and unique, and others feel more contious about scars than other but scars make you who you are today, what you have been through and that you have survived and come through it all fighting.

I have teamed up with Bio Oil to give 3 lucky readers a change to win one of these 60ml bottles of bio oil each worth around £5.99 each.

IMG_6586 IMG_6587

Bio oil smells quite nice it hasn’t got a strong smell but as it is oil it’s has got that oily texture to it so be careful when putting it on you don’t spill any as it may stain clothes.

All you need to do is what this You tube video below and answer a few questions for your chance to win through the rafflecopter link below.

To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter widget below. All terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Universities, Cars & Bad Education #LittleLoves

Howdy, Happy Friday everyone. OMG How are we already at the end of another month? It’s really scaring me how quick this year is flying by.  We are now under the 12 month mark till our wedding day.


A comedy TV series called “bad education”;  It is hilarious and has got the comedian Jack Whitehall as the main actor.  It’s a must watch and can be found on Netflix.

Here is a sneak peek at the Movie.


It’s mad to think that last week I was lying outside in maxi dresses and bikinis now I’m wrapped up in Jeans and jumpers due to heavy rain and cold, miserable weather.  Oh well – the joys of british weather.


Haven’t read anything this week.  I plan to read my Kindle more next week, and especially next weekend as we’re off to Wales to gate-crash Tom’s parents holiday.


As most of you may know, I was made redundant a few weeks ago. I finally have a few weeks’ temporary work at Birmingham University. It’s not great, but it will do for now. I also heard that I had been selected for an interview at an estate agent in Knowle.


Maybe I cheated a little bit, but I made these.  I have to say for the price of them they aren’t great but they are edible.


And Finally….

My car went in for it’s MOT on Wednesday and IT PASSED!  I have only done 2,500 miles in 12 months because I don’t tend to drive many places so I don’t clock up the miles.  I’ve had the car 8 years and it came with 18,000 miles at 6 months old and it now it’s got 50,000 miles so not bad at all.

How’s your week been? Love to hear what you’ve been up to.


Speedy Bin game – Review and Giveaway

We have always been a close family and love playing games, especially monopoly, we would even have “game nights” where we would dedicate an evening of a weekend and go round to my auntie’s house with my cousins or they would come to us and play games and have some quality family time, including the arguments over people trying to cheat.

When I was offered the chance to review this game I couldn’t wait for it to arrive and to get my nephew round to play it with me.


The box contains:

  • The bin
  • Several sheets of different coloured Tissue Paper
  • Instructions



The game comes in 6 bits that are easily assembled by just clicking them together.

This game does require batteries 4 x AA batteries ( Not Included), and it is aged 4+ with 1 or more players.


Me and my nephew had lots of fun playing with it for at least an hour, chasing it round the room and trying to dodge it from crashing in to him.  It has 2 settings 1 & 2, setting one is slow and setting 2 is fast.  My nephew Jack laughed & laughed the whole time whilst playing it, he loved it and he’s 8 years old.  The game ended in me and my nephew having a tissue paper fight, instead of throwing it in the bin.

It is a great game and will certainly keep the kids entertained.  The retail price for this game is £24.95 but you can find it for less in most toy stores like Smyths Toys, Argos, Ebay or Amazon.

I’m now going to give one lucky reader the chance to win this game.

To enter, please complete the Rafflecopter widget below. All terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of the page.

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  • Your details will be passed to iMC Toys Games, but will not be passed onto any third parties.

*I received the Speedy Bin Toy from IMC Toys for the purpose of this review but all opinion and thoughts are my own. I was also offered the opportunity to giveaway the same game to one of my readers.   

Carly’s first year in her new home

For most of you that know me you know I absolutely love animals, and have owned quite an array of different types of animals over the years, and the latest being our dog Carly.


Carly is a 4 year old Bitch Rottweiler who we rehomed back in September 2015 from a friend of a friend who could no longer look after her due to unforseen circumstances.  We arranged to go and visit her one evening just to see what she was like etc…  When the evening came to go and visit me and my partner tom, and his mum came with us to talk to the owner and find out her temperament, behaviour, health etc…  Well it was love at first sight with her, she was perfect in every way house trained, used to be on her own while were at work and good with kids and other dogs.

After we made the decision to rehome her we picked her up a couple of days later on the friday so we could spend the weekend with her and get her settled in to her new home and surroundings.

When we first brought her home

She brings us so much happiness and laughter with all the funny things she does.

A lot of people think that Rottweiler are one of the dangerous dogs, which isn’t true because no dog is born dangerous it is how it is brought up and what it is taught,  it is fair to say that Carly hasn’t got a nasty bone in her body.  She great round the kids a good guard dog and just a great companion a very loyal and loving dog.

My nephew and Carly

She loves playing in the park and running around burning energy off, she’s been out in all weather, rain, snow, sun and wind and loves it.

Carly and her friend Archie
Carly with her friends Kai and Tilly

We spoil her like we would kids with toys and treats etc. she has got quite a strong jaw we have to be sure to get her strong toys that she can’t destroy easily and we found the perfect ones in Pets at home, but they were in the sale so bargain.

IMG_4583 IMG_4732

When you come in from work and have had a bad day or feeling a little under the weather Carly will always without fail make you smile, running up to you when you get home and bringing you a toy to play with.

Christmas time we had only had her a few months so treated her to an advent calendar and some new toys and maybe decorated her with tinsel while putting the tree up.

IMG_4600 IMG_4649

Nearly 12 months on she is amazing, settled in great and an absolute joy to have around the house.


Have you rehomed animals? Would love to hear your story. 

Bubble Bum Booster Seat Review

As most of my readers will know I am an Auntie to 4 nephews and their ages range from 1 years to 8 years old, I also have a god-daughter and godson who are 5 and 8 years old.

I was approached by the company to trial a booster seat, I have heard of this brand before so was excited to have the opportunity to review it.


When it arrived I was shocked to see it was bright pink as I only have boys/nephews in my family but I do have a god-daughter, so to save the embarrassment of my nephews having to trial it out, I asked my best friend and her daughter to help me out.

The car seat comes in a little box, where it includes a fab idea of a little bag so you can easily store it away after use, it is easy to transport to families and to & from cars to cars, It’s light weight also.  IMG_6520

It is easily inflated by mouth by using the value at the back of the seat.  Just twist it open and inflate till full.


Here it is in use by my little helper Jessica.


Jessica’s thoughts about the seat, she said she really loved the seat, it was comfy, and it was her favourite colour.

It is easy to fit into any car in about 5 minute, just making sure that the seat belt is fitted through the red holders to secure it in place.  There are 2 on either side of the seat and one to put the seat belt through.

IMG_6582 IMG_6583 IMG_6584

This particular car seat is priced at £29.99 and can be brought directly from the company website here or alternative colours are available but prices may vary.

Then once you have finished with it you can just unscrew the cap deflate it and put it in the bag and put it in a cupboard or leave it in the car for when you will next need it.


I think this is a fab idea and at a great price and easy to store away after use.

What the company says: BubbleBum, best seller and parents favorite, winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away, making it perfect for holidays, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or car pooling. – If you don’t believe it try it out for yourself. 

I would highly recommend this product to all parents.

* I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of a review, However all thoughts and opinions are my own.